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The Best Hostels In Byron Bay (2023 Update)

Looking for the best hostels in Byron Bay? Here’s a full rundown of the best options for all styles and budgets so you can find the right fit for you!

On the hunt for the best hostels in Byron Bay?

No worries I’ve got you covered!

Byron Bay is my home away from home – and this epic little hippie town in Northern New South Wales is packed full of awesome barefoot vibes, pumping surf and good times.

Over the years I’ve stayed at or worked at every hostel in Byron Bay – so I’m well placed to give you the rundown of the best options so you can choose the one that will suit you best…so lets get started!

And even though there have been some big changes post COVID (notably Nomads Byron closing down) there are still some epic options to choose from…


The Best Hostels In Byron Bay (2023 Update)

Best Hostels In Byron Bay – Quick Overview

  • My Personal Favourite – Aquarius Backpackers
  • Best Party Hostel – The Surf House or Arts Factory
  • Best Surf Hostel – The Surf House or Aquarius Backpackers
  • Newest Hostel – Wake Up Byron Bay
  • Best Budget Hostel – Arts Factory Lodge
  • Most Famous Hostel – Arts Factory Lodge
  • Best Hostel For Solo Travellers – Aquarius Backpackers
  • Best Hostel For Couples – Byron YHA
  • Best Hostel For Flashpackers – Byron YHA or The Surf House
  • Best Hostel For More Mature Backpackers – Cape Byron YHA or Byron YHA
  • Most Spacious Dorm Rooms – Aquarius Backpackers


Best Party Hostel – The Surf House or Arts Factory

If you’re heading to Byron Bay to get loose and party then there are two main contenders – The Surf House or The Arts Factory.

The Surf House is the perfect option for those looking for a bustling in house bar and a bit more flash packer vibes (more on that later) with the Arts Factory being the home of camp fire drinking sessions and a more beach party style night.

As with most hostels in the Bay they have teamed up with the local bars for nightly promos too – so you can take the party into town with your new drinking buddies.


Best Surf Hostel – The Surf House or Aquarius Backpackers

Byron Bay is a surfers paradise, with heaps of awesome breaks for all skills levels – from The Pass to Tallows and Belongil.

If you’re heading here for waves then The Surf House (formally Byron Bay Surf Hostel) or Aquarius Backpackers would be my pick.

The Surf House is just one block back from the beach itself and is also home to Soul Surf School, who operate a Byron Surf Camp Package, ideal if you’re looking to learn to surf in Byron and meet some new surf buddies.

Aquarius Backpackers is just across the road but probably has easier access to Main Beach. Although they don’t have a surf and stay package you can easily rent a board from Boards In The Bay which is next door and their spacious dorm rooms make it perfect for those travelling with boards.



Newest Hostel – Wake Up Byron Bay

If you want to stay at the newest hostel in Byron Bay then Wake Up Byron Bay is still shiny and sparkling!

The little brother of Wake Up Sydney (another one of my favourite hostels in Australia) this spot was formally know as Belongil Beachhouse and was taken over and fully renovated in 2018.

Think hipster white wash walls, succulent plants and old school push bikes with a basket!

Although it’s slightly out of the main town it’s still slap on the beach and a good alternative for those wanting a quieter spot – plus the surf in front of it is super fun!



Most Famous Hostel – The Arts Factory

THE most famous hostel in Byron Bay (and arguably Australia!) has to be The Arts Factory – renowned for hippie vibes, digeridoos, fire pits and also the glorious chaos of the on site camping area too, which is lovingly referred to as “The Jungle”!

It’s also the hostel which was featured in the In Betweeners 2 Movie!

If you’re really looking to embrace the hippie side of Byron Bay the a stay here is a must and you can even opt to crash out in a tipi tent!



Best Budget Hostel – The Arts Factory

As well as being the most famous hostel in Byron Bay if you’re on a budget the Arts Factory is one of the cheapest beds in Byron.

Sure it’s a short walk out of the main town, but there’s a free hourly shuttle or its just a quick 10min walk.



Best Hostel For Solo Travellers – Aquarius Backpackers

Travelling solo and want to meet heaps more travel buddies? Aquarius Backpackers is my pick.

With in house bar, nightly events it’s the perfect hostel in Byron Bay to get into the backpacker vibe.

Plus the spacious dorms, sun deck and pool area are the perfect spots to meet heaps of new travel buddies.

That being said though you’ll meet a new friends wherever you stay in the Bay!



Best Hostel For Couples – Byron Bay YHA

Travelling with a significant other?

The private rooms in Byron Bay YHA would be my call!

Great value and with the option of either ensuite or shared bathrooms (if you’d like to save some extra cash) you can kick back and relax in comfort.

They just drop a solid chunk of cash renovating the place too so the whole setup at Byron Bay YHA is fresh, new and modern.



Best Hostel For Flashpackers – The Surf House or Byron Bay YHA

Want a few more creature comforts than the average hostel and splash a bit more cash? Well then you wont go wrong with either The Surf House or Byron Bay YHA.

The Surf House was renovated in 2017 and has a fun little bar, whereas Byron Bay YHA comes kitted out with a pool, epic communal area, spacious kitchens and lots of extras.

Go all out and choose the 4 bed en suite dorm at Byron YHA – which is one of the best dorm rooms I’ve ever stayed in.



Best Hostel For More Mature Backpackers – Cape Byron YHA or Byron Bay YHA

If you’re a little bit older (no judgement here guys!) and want a slightly more mature and chilled crowd then either of the YHAs are a solid choice.

Cape Byron YHA is slightly closer to the beach, however Byron Bay YHA has recently had an epic renovation and is one of the nicest hostels I’ve stayed in Australia.

In fact when my parents came out to travel Australia we stayed at YHAs all across Australia and I can vouch for their friendly vibes and parental approval!



Most Spacious Dorm Rooms – Aquarius Backpackers

Fed up with cramped dorm rooms?

Well Aquarius Backpackers offers some of the largest rooms I’ve ever stayed in, all over the globe and not just Australia!

All complete with balcony, lockers and en suite – you wont have trouble storing your stuff here!


Full List Of Hostels In Byron Bay

Want a full list of hostels in Byron Bay? Well here’s my full rundown – and you can use the map below to help pick your base too!

  1. Aquarius Backpackers
  2. Cape Byron YHA
  3. Byron Bay YHA
  4. The Surf House
  5. Wake Up Byron Bay
  6. Backpackers Inn
  7. Arts Factory Lodge

And if you’re looking for more info on planning your perfect trip to Byron check out my Ultimate Byron Bay Gudie here!


What’s your favourite hostel in Byron Bay?




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