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Australia Is Opening Up From 1st Dec 2021!

Want to travel to Australia? Well AWESOME NEWS – Australia is starting to OPEN UP TO INTERNATIONAL TRAVELLERS from 1st Nov 2021!

Since Australia closed it’s borders to international arrivals from March 2020 due to COVID, a lot of people have been asking “when will Australia borders open again”

Well, in a slightly unforeseen announcement, parts of Australia will be welcoming international arrivals from 1st December!

Australia Is Opening Up From 1st Dec 2021!

Australia Welcomes International Arrivals

On 22nd Nov the Australia PM announced that Australia is now opening up to international travellers again!

From 1st Dec 2021 if you’re fully vaccinated you can now enter Australia on a selection of visas, including the Working Holiday Visa (417), Work and Holiday Visa (462) and Student Visa (500), for select countries.

You can view the full list of visas, countries and requirements here.

So, if you want to explore spots like Sydney, The Blue Mountains and Byron Bay and you’re fully vaccinated, nows the time to start planning!

And if you’re doing a working holiday visa make sure you check out this epic Welcome To Sydney Arrival package to kickstart your year down under!

For the full update check out the full press release here.




Don’t Book Flights Just Yet Though!

But before you rush online to book your flights, be aware that due to COVID visa processing times are going to be pretty lengthy, with the Working Holiday (417) processing time currently sitting at around 85 days with 90% off applications being processed within 4 months,

So, if you’re keen to head to Australia ASAP, get that application in, sit back and be patient!


Other Things To Sort

It’s also worth noting, that you’ll also need to make sure these things are all ticked off your to do list before entering Australia too:

And as always, with all the above, things change pretty frequently, so make sure you’re up to date with the latest advice before travelling, both health and visa wise.


Time To Start Planning!

On the whole though it’s pretty epic news all round!

So if you’re busy planning your Australia trip make sure you check out all the tips and advice in the Australia section of the site, and head over to my buddies at RTWBackpackers.com for some awesome deals on tours, bus passes and more!





Are you planning your trip to Australia?

When are you hoping to head that way?




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