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Recommended Travel Companies

When it comes to travelling, there are literally thousands of companies out there – from the best ways to manage your money to epic tours companies, hostels and of course more boring stuff like travel insurance.

Below are some are the ones I personally use and recommend – so go check them out and hopefully they’ll fit in well with your plans too!


Awesome Travel Companies


RTW Backpackers

Ok full disclosure – RTW Backpackers is actually one of my sites! Having spent so much time bouncing around the world and testing out heaps of hostels, tours and transport options I thought who better to help you out with booking stuff than me!?

Although we specialise in Australia trips, tours and custom itineraries we can also help you out with heaps of stuff across South East Asia, New Zealand and Fiji too – so go check it out!

Click here to check them out



Stoked Surf Adventures

Again…shameless plug, this one is mine too! If you’re looking to learn to surf, book and epic surf trip or even become a surf instructor I’ve hand sourced some of the best surf camps and surf experiences out there – from South Africa and Indonesia through to The Maldives and Mentawais

Click here to check them out




Trying to find the best deals on flights? Well Skyscanner is an epic place to start. It’ll trawl through heaps of airlines and agency to give you a solid idea of what routes and dates will cost. Admittedly I don’t always book directly through the app – but its the perfect place to start your budgeting.

Click here to check them out – UK




With thousands of hostels across the globe and live availability HostelWorld.com is always my go to for budget accommodation.

Click here to check them out




If you’re looking for something a bit more flashpacker or treating yourself on your travels Booking.com is always my go to for hotels and guesthouses no matter where I’m heading in the world.

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Travel Insurance

World Nomads

When it comes to boring but necessary items on your to do list, travel insurance should certainly be one of the most important.

I’ve personally used World Nomads for over 5 years now and they’ve been great. One of the best things for long term travel is you can start a policy outside of your country of residence as well as easily extend online during your trip.

Plus they cover a whole heap of epic activities that I’ve no doubt are on your bucket list!

Click here to check them out


Managing Your Money

Starling (UK)

When it comes to traveller from the UK setting up a bank account with Starling is something I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend – and all my family and friends now use them.

Not only do they offer free transactions abroad (including ATM withdrawals) but their phone and smartphone notifications make it a super secure way to keep track of your money.

Even for day to day banking their app only setup makes it super easy to keep on top of things and help with budgeting.

Click here to check them out


ING (Australia)

For Aussies I’d certainly recommend INGs Orange Account for managing your money on the road. As long as you make 5 transactions and deposit $1,000AUD per month you’ll receive free transactions abroad as well as free ATM withdrawals too.

Again the in app notifications are also great for flagging up fraudulent transactions too.

Click here to check them out




Totally lost with the exchanges rates as you’re bouncing around a different country every week? Well download the XE.com app (or use their website) to quickly convert prices. Even after years on the road I use this on an almost daily basis!

Click here to check them out



Transfer Wise

Need to send money between countries? Transfer wise is a great (and cost effective) way to avoid huge bank fees and is perfect for those heading to spots like Australia or New Zealand on a working holiday visa and wanting to move their travel savings abroad.

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