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Sun, Sea, Surf and Sex – My Dream Job!

Unless you’ve been paying no attention to anything I’ve been blogging or tweeting about or you’re new to the site you’re probably aware of the fact that I’m currently kicking back in Montanita, Ecuador working as a surf instructor for Montanita Spanish School.

I’m not going to lie – it’s a pretty sweet deal!


The Daily Grind

Another Hard Day in The Office

At the moment my daily routine is sooooooo tedious – I’d much rather be in an office with my buddy Gijs instead. Do you detect a hint of sarcasm?! For the past month I’ve had a pretty solid arrnagement;


  • Spanish class 10am until 11am
  • Wax and repair boards/blog/tweet 12 until 1pm
  • Surf lesson 1 until 3
  • Surf lesson 3 until 5
  • Surf for myself 5 until 7
  • Watch the sunset with a beer or in the water @ 7.30
  • Swim in the pool
  • Eat
  • Party 9 until the early hours

…and repeat everyday! Well except for the weekends when my surf classes are simply replaced with more surfing and topping my tan up on the beach!

I really am living the dream at the moment!



Since I got to Ecuador the weather has been nothing short of amazing. Knowing that everyone else back in the UK is dealing with snow, gale force winds and rain whilst I’m lapping up 30 degree sunny days on the sand puts everything into perspective!

Escaping the English winter has certainly been the best decision I’ve made in a long time and I haven’t regretted a minute of it.

Salty, Wet and Satisfied!

The only downside is the fact that although my tan is coming along nicely I’m having to wear a long sleeved rash vest for the bulk of the day simply to stop myself getting burnt by the fierce midday heat!



And with consistently hot weather comes warm clear seas! Water temperatures here are sat around the 22 degree mark everday, even on the odd day when it’s overcast. That means it’s boardshorts all the way – no 5mm winter rubber for me anymore – just hanging loose in my Ripcurl Mirages with zinc cream on my nose.

Everytime I paddle out I think of the little bro and my surf buddies back in Devon braving -1 degree air temperatures and peeling themselves out of freezing cold wetsuits in windy car parks.

Me on the other hand – I simply stroll down the beach negotiating the crowds of gorgeous Argentinian girls sunbathing and jump in with little more than a sense of stoke and refreshment from the sun!




Montanita seems to hoover up the swell and there’s been rideable waves EVERDAY since I’ve been here. Somedays it’s cruising on a longboard in glassy 2 foot perfect right through to charging the point break at double overhead.

Absolute surfing bliss all round!

There’s been tubes, snapped boards, big smiles and heaps of stoke…and all this exercise has put me in the best shape I’ve been in since Oz – happy days all round!

Teaching surfing is by far the most fun and rewarding job I’ve had (sorry guys at STA Exeter, I still love you!) and I’m stoked to be able to introduce people to the sport that has consumed my entire life!

No day is the same which is great. Somedays I’ll only have 2 people which is epic becuase I get to surf heaps, and somedays there’s 12 people and boards loaded on the truck, which is always  fun challenge.

Getting people like Kiki (possibly my most entertaining/stubborn/amusing student!) stood up riding waves always puts a smile on my face and so far I’m maintaining a 100% success record on people riding to the beach! Whoop Whoop!

If you’re even slightly considering jumping on a Surf GB Surf Coach Course I highly recommend it – it’s one of the best investments and career moves I’ve ever made.

…and the sex?! Well lets just say that being a surf instructor certainly has it’s perks! (sorry mum if you’re reading this!) – although I’m still somewhat sticking to the “waves over babes” mantra I set myself for 2012, the ocean will always win!

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