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Top 10 Tips For Surviving A Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan

The infamous Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan is on many a backpacker bucket list, but it can easily go wrong. Check out my tips to help get out in one piece!

I thoroughly enjoyed my Full Moon Party experience and survived in one piece (in fact I’ve now done it twice!), however I’ve heard some pretty nasty horror stories from Haad Rin of unprepared, overly carefree backpackers whose night on the beach has tarnished their travel experience and ruined there experience of Thailand – no bueno!

So I’ve manage to dust off my bucket hangover and try to remember the night as best I can to put together all the nuggets of advice I’ve picked up to help you make the most of Full Moon on Koh Phangan – so here are my Top 10 Tips for Surviving Full Moon on Haad Run!


1. Money 

Dollar seems to be the thing everyone seems most worried about when it come to FM. How much do you take? Where do you put it?! My conclusion is don’t take any more than you’re willing to either spend or loose! In the end me and the guys took 3000baht each (roughly £80). I spent roughly 1000 including my return taxi fare at 200. To be honest if you pre drink and pace yourself I’d say 2000THB max.


2. Lanyards

Having hit many festivals across the world lanyards are my most useful drinking accessory. Anything you don’t want to loose strap to yourself!


3. Travel light

Coupled with the lanyards it’s best to travel light. And don’t take anything you can’t afford to loose. The only things I took were my point and shoot camera, a wallet (containing only my cash and driving license as ID) and details for my resort, the last thing you want to do is wake up having lost your passport and valuables!


4. Backstreet Buckets

There are so many vendors on the beach selling buckets but the price is pretty hefty, anything from 400-600. Simply getting off the beach into the main road means you can fab one for around 200 – we even bartered ours down, so save yourself some dollar and walk 50yards!


5. Plan Ahead

If you’re partying with some buddies arrange something like a meeting point or what time you’ll head back. You’re bound to loose each other at some point! Failing that just make sure you have the address of your accommodation so you can drunkly thrust it into the face of a taxi driver at 4am!


6. Avoid The Sea!

The waters at Haad Rin quickly turn into the biggest communal urinal on the island, probably best to avoid going for a swim, not to mention swimming and drinking not mixing well either!


7. Tourist Police

Koh Phangan has introduced tourist police in the last month or so and they’re out in force at FM. They’re recognisable with their White bibs. They’re independent and with no kick back from the so called ‘Haad Rin Mafia’ – there to help, offer advice and point you in the right direction.


8. Avoid Drugs

Some people like to dance, some people like to drink and some people like to dabble in things a little bit more risqué. Drugs and Thailand don’t mix full stop, FM is no exception.

With backhanded bribes for cannabis started at around 40,000baht you don’t want to blow a hole in your wallet to get high! Get arrested on the islands and you could be caught in the system at Koh Samui jail for 6 months before you even get a hearing. I’ve warned you!


9. Take Heaps Of Pictures

Yup, get a camera in tow and shoot away, there’s so many amusing things going on from fire skipping (although I’d avoid that one as apparently the guys are getting kick back from the private clinics – who also charge nearly 400baht a stitch!) to drunken streakers and bucket induced dancers that a camera is a must, plus it’ll help you remember everything in the morning!


10. Have An Epic Time

Despite all my mummy like advice Full Moon is an awesome night out and something you’ll chat about for years to come. Be prepared, be a little bit sensible but also go out, get messed up and make some bad decisions (well safe bad decisions anyway!)


If you’re heading to Thailand soon for Full Moon and are a bit worried about safety then check out this Full Moon Party Tour with Tru Travels and meet heaps of awesome backpacker buddies and know your Full Moon experience is all taken care of!


Have you survived Full Moon? Any advice or tips you’d pass on?!

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