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Ask Me Anything, Your Questions Answered…

Ask Me Anything, Your Questions Answered…

A few weeks ago on the Facebook Fanpage I offered you guys the opportunity to ask me anything about myself or my travels. I got some pretty interesting responses (disclaimer – some of the really random ones are from my buddies…!) so I wrote them all down and answered them the best I could.

So here’s all your questions answered…hopefully it’ll give you a better insight into the travelling world of me!


Gijs Piters Can you surf with a broken toe?

hahaha – Gijs if I could surf with a broken toe I would’ve joined you in Peru for your surf trip last week! Thanks for reminding me though…you owe me some beers I think!’s on the mend now though thankfully!

koh rong island cambodia water buffalo

One Of the Friendly Cambodian Locals!


Dean Thorne Where is the most cost effective place to go…. I.e. Cheap place to live and eat but plenty atmosphere and loads to see and do.

Hmmmm cost effective? Country wise it has to be Cambodia, living costs there are super low and there’s heaps to see and do – from temples to beaches, wildlife to cities, in fact Cambodia is my favourite place in Asia


Dave Dean Do you find it difficult to travel as a ladyboy in more conservative countries?

Yeah some cultures find my long hair odd, still it’s easier than travelling with Lauren I think! ;)


Harriet Adelaide How do you keep your curls looking so luscious while traveling? …and do curls really get the girls?

hahaha! A mix of salt water or herbal essence conditioner (the blue one!) …and yeah I can’t complain too much about how they work, especially on half Devonian Aussies!


goon sack australia backpacker

Goon Times in Oz

Jye South When are you gettin your ass back over here to have a wave and a goonie with me

Jye my boy – Oz may well be on the cards later this year or early next, we’ll get our goon on ASAP and share some waves bro! Yeeewwwww!


Macca Sherifi When did you first start surfing and why?

I started surfing pretty late actually – at 15. I was up in Croyde, North Devon on a sun £10 holiday with my parents and little brother. There’s a good surf culture up that way and having grown up around the oceans and beaches I decided to rent a board and give it a go – I haven’t looked back since!


Kty Lou X How often do you clean your undies??

More often than I did sharing a campervan with you in Oz Kty!


Dean Thorne (again!) What do you miss the most, especially this week?

What do I miss the most…hmmm…this week it has to be the use of my foot and being able to surf! Overall though, probably a private room and my mums cooking!


Jodie Taylor What’s the best travel money card?

I use the STA Cashcard for travel – it’s been super reliable over the last few years across an array of countries and when my card was cloned they refunded the cash within 24 hours without any hassle!

backpacker travel blog rtw gap year

The Joys of Blogging!


Jodie Taylor Any recommended sites/Ebooks on blog production/promotion?

Indeed – my buddy The Travel Tester put together this great post the other week with heaps of resources and links to articles about getting started in the world of travel blogging – – that should give you a heaps good place to start!


Beth Jones How often do you think you should go home to catch up with friends and family?

Personally I keep in touch with my family a lot on the road (iMessage, skype, FaceTime, Facebook etc) and my mum always jokes she knows more about my life when I’m on the road than when I’m back home! As for time frame – I went home after 18 months last year – less out of wanting to see everyone more out of stuff I needed to sort. I don’t really think about going home much really – that’s not to say I don’t miss people (I do!) it’s just my life is on the road now. It’s different for everyone though, some people can only do a few months, some people love more long term travel.


backpacker budget cash australia

Budget Budget Budget!

John Sherlock What is the best way to make your money last longer when travelling? Any good websites for job whilst travelling?

There’s a few things I can recommend. Firstly (and most simple yet overlooked) is make a budget AND STICK TO IT! I’ve got a great little app on my phone called “Trail Wallet” which is great for tracking your spending and breaking it down on what you’re highest outgoings are.

Things like work for accommodation at hostels are also a great way to cut down your biggest expenditure and if you plan on spending a while in a single location stuff like apartment rentals and negotiating long term rates are a good way to go.

Also working holiday visas in places like Oz and New Zealand are a good way to top it up as you go, especially as it’s halfway on a round the world trip. I use Gumtree, Freelancer and for jobs on the go.

Check out my monthly travel budget summaries for a low down on how much everything is going to cost.


Gowtham Siddharth How cool is it to be a traveller?

Pretty damn cool I think! It’s not all fun and games – sometimes being a travel blogger can really suck –  but it’s definitely worth any hassles you deal with!


Christine Milton How do you earn money from your blog?

I monetize my blog a few ways actually. Firstly I sell ads on the site which is a relatively stable income (although not 100%) and I also use my blog and social media to work alongside various companies and business to promote products (I’ll ALWAYS give a 100% honest review though even if I receive a free or discounted trip) as well as using my degree in photography to get paid photo shoots to help promote products or supply businesses with images for their websites/social media.

I do also sometimes earn commissions on bookings I pass their way and through affiliate links as I get quite a few emails a week asking for recommendation on scuba diving, surfing and other things I’ve tried along the way.

backpacker kit list

Travel Light, Travel Far!


Inka Laura Kuutti What are the absolute MUST travel essentials you would not travel with? EVER. (Excluding passport & surfboard.)

hahaha – well those are my 2 top items!

Other than that a decent head torch, immodium/anti diarrhoea tablets, a toilet roll and rehydrations sachets are also in my hand luggage! On a more personal level my iPhone and Macbook are always on hand too as well as a back up credit/debit card buried somewhere secure as a get out of jail free option! I gave up on things like money belts and other ‘standard’ travel accessories a while back, you just need to tailor your luggage to suit where and how you personally like to travel.


Elliott Waters Whats your best advice for travelling round Thailand in october

Enjoy it! hahaha! On a kore serious note it’s the end of the west coast wet season if I remember correctly so I’d start on the east islands and then finish on the west to hopefully catch the best of the weather. Even in wet season though places will be heaps sunny, but it can be a bit hit and miss. Here’s my Thailand mini guide to help you plan though!


Joe Gale How the hell have you financed these last thee years. I need this!

I do a variety of jobs on the road to top up my funds and also make them stretch further – like surf coaching, photography, my blog and working with companies. I’ve got a more detailed post on funding long term travel too that you might want to check out.


snorkel scuba dive gili islands bali indonesia

Underwater Paradise, Gili T

Adam Taylor Smith How long would you recommend going to Bali for?

I love Bali – but I guess it depends on what you want from it. As a surfer a month at a time is heaps of fun. If you don’t surf though it depends what you want to see.

It’s not the cheapest place to fly to but it is cheap once you’re there so longer is always better. In a couple of weeks though you could easily do some surf lessons, visit Ubud, hike some volcanoes and hop over to Gili T or Lombok to dive and explore too.


alissacharlotte (via Instagram) What motivates you to travel? Why do you love it so much?

Simply put I travel because that’s what I love to do! My surfing has been a huge drive behind my backpacking adventures though and it often dictates where I go and what I end up doing! More recently though I’ve found myself scuba diving and free diving a lot which provides an alternative to the surf and means I’m more content in places and countries away from the waves!

Why do I love it so much? I guess I’m addicted to the adventure, trying new things and meeting new faces. For me the people make my adventures and I’ve met so many interesting, crazy and wonderful people along the way that I’m now stoked to call my friends. Plus having a good tan is always a bonus!


daniarnoldx (via Instagram) Out of South East Asia, which is the best country to back pack around?

Personally Cambodia was my highlight of Asia. In all honesty though that whole area is so great for budget travel – there’s so many places to visit, things to do and it won’t break your budget either. The only place I was a bit disappointed with was Laos…but plenty of people love it there so don’t let that put you off visiting!


Have you got any other questions you’d like to ask me? Whack them in the comments and I may do another post!

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