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Xmas Eve

So xmas eve was finally upon us. We were all stoked…despite the fact the Sydney (and indeed Oz in general) is the most un xmassy place in the world! Its hot, there are a distinct lack of decorations!

But still we were stoked! So despite the fact we were all missing home and we all wanted to be festive a group of us boarded the ferry to Manly….because we were in Australia…and in Australia Xmas eve isn’t spent peeling potatoes, watching bad TV and frantically visiting distant realtives. When your a backpacker spending Xmas in the height of summer down under you naturally head straight for the beach :)

Manly is about 40mins from our hostel….including a walk and a ferry journey across the harbour. The strecth of beach can be a longboarders paradise…so I was eager to get in.

Conditions weren’t perfect (about 3 foot and slightly cross shore) but i needed to surf!

I also needed to shop.

And it was xmas eve.

And my parents/family had sent me my xmas money.

So naturally i spontaneously bought myself a tasty 9foot yellow Ripcurl Longboard!

Merry xmas!hahaha!

I had a short session….being completly out of practice and having eaten very little and being hungover (excuses excuses i know!) but it was fun and it wacked the smile back on my face!

We missioned it back to Wakeup (which was a major mission negociating the busy town with my new board….cheers to Kezza for going 2’s up with it!) for one of our presents from the hostel – a $3000 bar tab which was all you can drink until it ran out!

We got back just in time (after a typically British frantic last minute shop for booze and food amongst the crowds!) and proceeded to join other hostel goers in sipping free champagne and beer :) *thanks wakeup*

$3000 seems like a larger tab….but skint backpackers will jump at the prospect of free booze and it was gone within 40minutes!hahahaha!

Needless to say we all piled back into the hostel to save money and do some more pre drinking. This time the venue was 105 ….we filled it to capacity with Santa hat clad smiles and festive cheer.

After much pre drinking fun (including some rather backfiring chat up lines about serving in the army by Cairns Chris!) we all headed to Sidebar to finish off the night and see in Xmas Day.

It was carnage….the place was rammed.

But everyone was in high spirits and had beaming smiles…..after all we were in one of the worlds most beautiful cities in one of the nicest countries, surrounded by some of the worlds most laid back and happy go lucky travellers. We were all living out a dream we’d planned for years….at the same time but without knowing it. We were all there for the same reasons – after all great minds think alike.

As the clock struck midnight an almighty roar went up….everyone was uber stoked and many xmas day kisses were exchanged.

Xmas carols were booming out and everyone was joining in. It was everything we couldve all hoped for – the Xmas orphans of Sydney 2009 were happy in the company of our adoptive backpacker families. Campervan feuds were dropped and xmas cheer was in full throw.

Dancing and singing continued into the early hours of xmas morning and was followed by burger eating dares in Hungry Jacks, many drunken phone calls to family and friends (including a rendition of Mr Brightside for my lovely Kyle….which made him cry!).

Enevitable the drinking continued into the even early hours of the morning back in our rooms….a swift Bundy and coke was the perfect night cap to send a rather excited Devonshire Boy to sleep on a not so Xmassy not so Eve :)

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