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What the hell have I been doing?!

Ok so there’s been a massive lack of blogging on my part at the mo.

My bad.

But basically the last week has been rather chaotic yet rather uneventful!

So here it is all summed up in a nice mash of random words.

Bekki leaving :( Kat arriving :) aimless wanderings, CV handings, phone call makings, interview bookings, getting a job trial, doing the job trial, doing my first day at work, realising street selling is a sucky way of trying to make money, making one sale, getting bored, spending all my commision in the pub getting drunk instead of working, quitting aforementioned job, flat viewing, deciding I cant really be bothered to stay in sydney anymore during flat viewing, spontaneously changing plans with kat n kez, campervan hunting, falling in love with a camper, realising i cant really afford said camper, goon times, quiz times, $6 meal times, $8 steak times, walking times, fun times, cooking times, wasting money times, skint times, campervan seraches, phone calls, sunbathing, occasionally a beach day, general lack of events generally!

So yeah….the last week hasn’t really been the highlight of my travelling as far as lots of exciting things to do and loads of new people met. I am however enjoying muchly the company I have acquired since EVERYONE abandoned Sydney soon after New Year!

(good luck to all the Cairns Crew, the Camper Crew and all the NY random I met! Safe travels everyone and keep in touch…I’ll see you all soon!)

So yeah the post NY people recession crew are now me, kezza, brightonian kat, georgie, sara and andy…with guest appearances from Maz (@fillingthepages) and Alice (@alice_walkabout).

Its all ticking over nicely but with no real accomplishments.

I was gonna stay in Sidders for a month to work and save some money.

Realised the lack of decent paying jobs would prove a struggle.

So now the plan is to find a campervan ASAP and head on up the east coast :)

…..but we all know how shakey my plans can be!hahaha!

watch this space….

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