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So What Are My Travel Plans Now?!

I’ve just finalised my travel plans for the next 2 months (and probably beyond), so what will I be up to and where am I heading?!

It has suddenly dawned on me that I haven’t really kept you guys in the loop on my next set of adventures – so I thought it was about time to let you in on what the next few months (and potentially beyond) have in store for me and of course the blog!


nz travel surfing raglan backpackers
Surfing In Raglan (Not Me BTW!)

Current Location – Raglan, New Zealand

If you’re following the Facebook Page you’ll probably already know that I’m back in Raglan, New Zealand where I’m catching up with my little bro after not seeing him fo the last few years – he’s been on work visas in Oz and NZ whilst I’ve been…well bouncing around everywhere!

And this is actually where I’ll be based for the next month, enjoy the simple life and surfing as much as I can!


Next Stop – Australia…again!

backpacker goodbye parents travel gap year
Stoked to catch up with the parents again!

Yup I’m heading back to Australia again! This time with my bro Josh in tow too! The reason being that my parents are flying over to visit us, which I’m super stoked for!

They haven’t seen Josh for a few years and we haven’t all been together as a family for nearly 5 years now…crazy times!

So we’ll be travelling with them for a few weeks covering Melbourne, Byron Bay and Sydney over 3 weeks.

The first stop in Melbourne sees us renting campervans and heading up the Great Ocean Road for a few days which I’m super excited about. I last road tripped this part of Oz waaaaaay back in 2010 on my first trip there and loved it!

Then we bounce down to Byron Bay. Since both me and Josh have lived there and chat about it so much we thought it would be fitting to introduce the parents to the town we both call home away form home!

Our final stop will be Sydney for a few days seeing all the touristy sites and sounds before the parents fly back home (no doubt mum will cry at the airport again…bless her!) and it’s just me and Josh left!


yha australlia ad widget

Teaming Up With YHA Australia

Throughout our trip with the parents we’ve teamed up with the guys at YHA Australia and we’ll be checking out some of their hostels along the way.

The YHA vibe is more mellow than a standard hostel and they offer dorms, privates and even family rooms so it’s the perfect way to travel and backpack with my parents without breaking the budget!

Keep an eye out for our reviews and how we get on backpacking as a family, it should be rather amusing!


Back to New Zealand!

After Team Stevens part ways me and the bro are heading back to New Zealand – where I’ll be applying for my NZ Working Holiday Visa and get started working a winter season down in Queenstown.

skydiving in queenstown new zealand
Heading Back To Queenstown (Although I Doubt I’ll Arrive Like This!)

I’ll be applying for a 23 month visa so I’ll have plenty of time to top up my travel funds and explore more of this beautiful country. I’ve totally neglected the North Island so far so it’s top of my priority list!

We’ll be based in Queenstown for a few months and the plan is to get stuck into the snow scene and really get to grips with snowboarding.

It should be an interesting ride given the fact this will be my first proper winter stint in quite a few years and I’ll be away from the beach…I see a sun soaked surf trip to Fiji in the pipeline to keep myself sane!haha!

…so yeah that’s the plan…at the moment – but we all know how my plans change all the time hey?!

Don’t worry thought the blog wont go 100% New Zealand quite yet – I still have heaps of stories, pics and reviews to share form my time in Asia so I’ll keep it all mixed up for you guys!


For now I’m stoked to kick back surfing in Raglan, looking forward to seeing my parents again!


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