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Wander and Goodbyes

Wander and Goodbyes

Ok so after a less than successful Xmas and a Boxing day spent in a duvet watching movies and generally achieving nothing (as Boxing Days should be!) me and Kez decided to get back out and hit the tourist trail.

The plan was to have a look around and hit Sydney aquarium.

Our first stop was Darling Harbour where the intention was to take a few piccies of the Opera House and carry on.

However my eye was soon drawn to a perspex box and a lady, as you do.

So we sat down on the kerb and decided to see how this panned out. The lady soon started rustling up a crowd and we soon found ourselves having front row seats to a rather entertaining contortion show! I have to had it to the woman, she was good! After some friendly banter and a quick warm up she was spinning around on her back with both legs behind her head! Sydney has a rather broad range of street performance – but she’s probably the best I’ve seen so far. Her grand finale was to squeeze herself into the box (which was only 16inches square!) 6 foot off the ground. Pretty dam impressive!

So the wander continued through to Palm Grove, a nice little section of Sydney with some cool water features. However we simply passed through for a 50cent ice cream at Maccers!

Heading back to the hostel we were rustled up by the campervan crew for some serious goon time and a trip to Kings Cross – the backpacking central of Sydney – to say goodbye to Megan and Lorna who were flying back to bonnie Scotland the next day.

Amusing train journeys were had, buskers were harassed, trousers were dropped, guest list passes were obtained, drinks were consumed, champagne was bought randomly by me, dancing was done, stories were shared, a month of campervaning was relived, ice cream food fights were fought, hungry jacks was eaten,hugs were squeezed and goodbye were reluctantly said.

Gonna miss you team Scotland….roll on reunions and keep in touch :)

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