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Travel Photo Of The Week – Stone Stacks, Australia

stone stacks australia east coast backpacker
Stone Stacks, Cape Tribulation – Australia

Throughout the world, wherever I’ve been backpacking, I’ve come across stone stacks. From the deserts of Morocco through to the temples of Thailand,  the beaches of the Galapagos to the roadsides of New Zealand. I’m not quite sure what compels people to create these stacks but I’m glad they do as they make a wonderful natural art sculpture and are great to photograph!

This one in particular was up near Cape Tribulation in Queensland, Australia – it’s right at the top of the East Coast Australia backpacking trail but is well worth the visit…and not because of the stone stacks – but because of the natural beauty of the backdrop…wild jungle meeting pristine reef.

And as for the stone stacks – if you know what they mean let me know…I’m very intrigued!


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