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Travel Photo Of The Week – Only A Backpacker Knows The Feeling

australia backpacker byron bay go pro
Only A Backpacker Knows The Feeling…

Just a quick look through my travel bucket list reminds me how lucky I am to travel as a backpacker and how many amazing things I’ve experienced along my journey. The backpacking bubble really is an exclusive club – you share so many intense and incredible experiences with such a variety of people.

Once you’ve travelled you can relate to everyones journey – you can picture yourself as part of the story. My buddies at home see my pics of me lazing on beaches and comment saying “I hate you” or “I’m stuck in an office” whereas the people I’ve met on the road always say things like “I miss those days” or “Isn’t that place amazing”.

So heavily inspired by a certain surf brand I’m starting a new photo series called with the caption “only a backpacker knows the feeling” – images which I feel capture those moment on the road where you go “life is freaking awesome” and bring back memories of sun on your skin and the ocean breeze.

The first of these was my first test of my new GoPro HD3 Black Edition – a sunset at the Wreck in Byron Bay (where I broke my face last time I was in Australia!).

My buddy Andre taking in the sunset over the ocean…



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