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Travel Photo Of The Week – Naked And Free In Laos!

waterfall luang prabang laos backpacking
Naked And Free In Laos!

Whilst trawling through all my pics to try and select this weeks photo I thought I’d go back through my Asia adventures given the fact I’m heading back there next. And I suddenly realised that I didn’t share alot of my images from my time backpacking Laos with you whilst I was there, and there’s one set of pics that definitely needed to be put on the internet!

This is one of my Dutch travel buddies – Peter  (who actually features in a previous Travel Photo Of The Week!)- who whilst we were enjoying a day at the waterfalls in Luang Prabang decided to strip naked, jump the barrier and pose Adam and Eve style in front of the cascading water! What a legend.

The faces of the people that came round the corner whilst this shoot was in progress was absolutely priceless!

I’m sure he’ll be stoked to find his pic here!hahaha!

Have any of you guys got any intriguing travel shots? Got naked in any famous places?!

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