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Travel Photo Of The Week – Ice Cave On Franz Josef Glacier

ice cave glacier hiking franz josef new zealand
Inside An Ice Cave!

Backpacking in New Zealand has provided an epic kick start to my 2013  goal to tick 13 more things off my travel bucket list! This weekend I managed to get 2 in one go when I took a helicopter flight up to Franz Josef Glacier for some glacier hiking – which is easily the highlight of my time in the long white cloud so far!

This shot was taken in a 40m long ice cave that we had to squeeze through as part of the hike – it was possibly the most beautiful, tranquil place I’ve ever spent time – completely surrounded by beautiful blue ice formations. The only thing that destroyed the piece was how much of a struggle it was in part to keep my balance, slide through on my back literally pinned in by ice and how much of a challenge it was to balance those things with taking pictures!

If you get a chance to splurge on one big trip in NZ I totally recommend that this be that trip! Look out for my review later this week…

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