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Travel Photo Of The Week – Swooping Frigate, Galapagos Islands

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Swooping Frigate

If you’re a photographer, traveller or an animal lover then surely the Galapagos Islands are pretty high up on your travel bucket list – it’s a place where relatively untouched natural beauty is around every corner. From the pristine oceans which are home to numerous sea lion colonies, teaming marine life and rare schools of hammer head sharks to the iconic giant tortoises and sea iguanas which roam the volcanic islands off the coast of Ecuador.

For me one of my favourite shots is this one of a swooping frigate bird (aptly nicknamed the pirate bird) which was fishing near our catamaran boat. It’s red gular pouch trailing just above the water line as it speeds through the air. I’d love to say this was a highly thought out and composed image – but it’s more of a rich place, right time – and I was lucky enough to get the shot in a single frame which left me pretty stoked!


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