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gap year flight to new zealand

7 Days of Travel Chaos – My Journey From Morocco To New Zealand!

gap year flight to new zealand

The last week of my backpacking journey has been pretty mental – something that you probably would’ve picked up if you’re following me on twitter or have liked the Facebook page – and it’s seen me go from sitting in one town being a lazy surf bum to bouncing across 3 continents and thrust back into the backpacker bubble!


So where the hell have I been and what have I been up too?!



backpacking in morocco
My Final Moroccan Fling

My journey started back in Taghazout, Morocco where I said goodbye to the crew at Surf Berbere where I’ve worked for the last few months and take my students on a mini Moroccan roadtrip. Before saying goodbye to them.

First stop was the fishing town of Essouria where the bustling fish markets and laid back cafe culture provided a great escape and down time for everyone – although a night on the wine meant it wasn’t so chaos free!

Then we all headed inland to the souks and sounds of Marrakech – where I first started my journey into northern Africa. A couple nights of gin fuelled fun by the pool were in order as a final goodbye to the guys I’ve surfed with for the last few months.

Hungover and in the dry African heat I headed to the airport for the first flight of 2013 and the start of my backpacking adventure…



backpacking switzerland
A Quick Jaunt In Switzerland

The first stop on my journey (after a layover in Madrid and another terrible flight with Iberia!) was a visit to the girl in Switzerland.

I’m still as in awe of the scenery of this tiny but amazing country as I was when I first backpacked through it late last year – it’s simply stunning.

Bouncing out from Zurich we decided to head to the Alps for a spot of snowboarding in Flims Laax and we’re both stoked we did. A perfect day of powder and glorious sunshine meant a full day on the piste and despite a couple days of travel behind me my legs just about held up!

But no sooner had I arrived then it was time to leave again – this time for a more gruelling flight schedule, but luckily this time in the absolute comfort of Emirates and via Dubai to a the land down under, where I haven’t been since I finished my first backpacking adventure in 2010…



backpacker flight to sydney australia
Back In The Land Down Under

Yup I finally made it back to the land of roos, spiders and surf –  I’ve been dreaming about going back to  Australia since I backpacked it in 2009/2012

Once again though my stay here was limited….really limited! In fact I only had a 12 hour layover in Sydney, but luckily I’d rustled up some awesome travel buddies to grab me from the airport and I was accompanied by the ever amusing Tika and Jessie (who I first met in Ecuador last year) which resulted in a beeline for the pubs of Sydney Harbour for a few schooners!

A hazy 6am start the next day though on little more than a couple hours sleep saw me checking in for my final flight and the end of my week of travel chaos…the land of the long white cloud.


New Zealand

backpacking flying to new zealand
New Zealand – I’m Here!

8 months later than planned I’ve FINALLY arrived in New Zealand – yup my travel plans have changed that much!

I was met at Christchurch airport by my parents who I haven’t seen for over a year and we jumped into campervan living straight away (them having already done the north island in a van before meeting me) and since then we’ve been exploring the wonders the south island has to offer.

I won’t touch on that too much (that’s another post!) but I’m super stoked to be here!

So yeah – 7 days, 5 flights and nearly 14,000km later I’m well and truly back in the backpacker bubble….and I’ve never felt so at home!


Let the adventure begin…!


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