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8 Ways To Travel Without Stepping Foot Outside

In need of some lockdown escape and COVID safe travel? Well here are 8 ways to explore the world without even leaving your sofa!

Bored of being stuck inside during lockdown and busy planning your post COVID adventure?

Wish you were sipping a cold beer at 9am in an airport, flicking through in flight movies or kicking back on a tropical beach?

Well as the future of travel still remain somewhat uncertain there are still plenty of ways to get your fix of wanderlust – without spending heaps, taking any time off work or even leaving your house!

So if like many travellers out there you need to satisfy your need to explore here are 7 ways to get your travel fix from the comfort of your sofa…

8 Ways To Travel Without Stepping Foot Outside

Movie Filled Wanderlust

One of my favourite ways to get the travel bud going is by immersing myself in an awesome adventure filled movie. It’s also a great distraction from the chaos of the world at the moment too – so load up that Netflix account and sit back with an epic travel movie!

travel inspiration covid travel restrictions lockdownSome of my personal faves include;

    • Hunt For The Wilderpeople – totally makes me want to head back to NZ
    • Into The Wild – one of the classics
    • Eat Pray Love – Italy, India AND Bali!
    • The Hobbit – more Kiwi goodness
    • The Beach – all the chaos of Thailand
    • The Inbetweeners 2 – bring on Byron Bay!
    • The Terminal – who doesn’t loves airports?
    • Castaway – bit of a curve ball but I’m a sucker for tropical islands!

And for all you surfers out there View From A Blue Moon is a must see, in fact even if you don’t surf it’s well worth watching!


Get Sucked Into YouTube

And alongside the movie idea, why not get sucked into a day filled with adventure on YouTube?

There are so many incredible travel videos to discover – from awe inspiring cinematography through to super helpful travel guides that will help you plan your next adventure.

Pick a destination and chuck it into the search bar or check out a few of my favourite channels to get your started:

…and of course make sure you check out my YouTube Channel too!


Scroll Through The ‘Gram

travel inspiration covid travel restrictions lockdownEveryone loves scrolling through some epic travel photography and what better place to head than Instagram?

Sure you probably spends waaaaaay too much time on there anyway trawling through memes but it’s also a great tool for travel planning too.

Whether you’re using hashtags to discover your new favourite location or travel tips there’s plenty going on for all types of travellers, destinations and styles of travel.



Find Some New Travel Blogs

A sure fire way to gain heaps of wanderlust and travel inspiration is to go on the hunt for some awesome new travel blogs to read too!

Whether you want photo essays, guides or just to clue yourself up on the boring but essential stuff like travel budgets, travel blogs are still and awesome way to plan your next trip.

And lucky for you there are more and more springing up each day so no matter what type of traveller you are, or where you’re heading in the world there a blog for you. From budget adventures to travel food blogs and beyond!

A few of my travel blog buddies you should definitely check out include…

A Broad On A Board – solo female travel and heaps of surfing and beaches!

Jones Around The World – for amazing photography and festivals around the world

Make Time To See The World – awesome guides for those juggle 9-5 and travel

Don’t Forget To Move – for heaps of responsible travel info and guides

Stoked For Travel – my other travel site, focused on surf travel around the world (amongst other things too!)

NOMADasaurus – so many awesome travel guides including some epic Antartica content!

Plus check out my previous Top Travel Blogs To Follow posts HERE and HERE



Crank up The Tunes

Music has that beautiful way of transporting us to a particular place.

Whether that’s boarding a flight on your first solo adventure, that epic tune you danced on the beach to in Thailand or that catchy road trip tune that you cranked up whilst campervanning around Australia!

So make a list of your favourite wanderlust filled tunes and load it all up in Spotify to transport you to somewhere warmer!

And of course there are a whole heap of awesome playlists already up there filled with travel tunes for you to enjoy.


Get Lost In A Book

Why not go old school and get lost in a good book? A much more laid back and chilled way to let your mind wander off and really dream up some tropical vibes!

From modern classics like The Beach to curve ball options like the Alchemist (which actually led to me quitting my job and starting this whole crazy life on the road!) nothing can really beat a good book!

Whether you opt for a hard paper copy or load one onto your Kindle, get amongst it with some of my favourites:

  • The Alchemist
  • Eat Pray Love
  • Wild
  • The Beach
  • On The Road
  • World Travel: An Irreverent Guide

Any you’d add to the list?



Binge A TV Series

A single movie not enough travel inspiration for you? Want something that’ll keep you busy for a bit longer?

travel inspiration covid travel restrictions lockdownGet stuck into an epic travel TV show and get binging! From awesome documentaries to quirky comedy filled antics its a sure fire way to get your mind racing about where to head to next.

So get these all queued up and ready to go…

  • An Idiot Abroad
  • Blue Planet (in fact any David Attenborough)
  • Long Way Day
  • Any Anthony Bourdain series
  • Gordons Great Escape
  • Dark Tourist
  • Jack Whitehall: Travels With My Father



Eat Your Way Around The World!

My favourite travel memories usually involve food – and exploring the local cuisine is an amaizng way to learn more about countries and really experience them.

travel inspiration covid travel restrictions lockdownSo smash together a Mexican night full of tacos, tequila and guacamole, an Italian filled with pizza, pasta, red wine and lemon chello or simply get an Indian takeaway and sit on the toilet all night!

Pull some inspiration from your own adventures, or failing that here would be some of my top picks:

  • Morocco – mint tea, tagine and cous cous
  • Italy – pizza, pasta, anitpasti, red wine and lemon chello
  • Thailand – spring rolls, pad thai, curry and a cold Chang
  • Bali and Indonesia – nasi goreng and a Bintang, or an overpriced smoothie bowl
  • Australia – has to be a BBQ!
  • Mexico – tacos, guacamole, tequila and mojitos or margaritas (or all 3!)
  • Sri Lanka – dhaal and rice, with some roti bread, coconut symbol and some arak
  • New Zealand – heat up a really good pie and wash it down with some L&P
  • Vietnam – all about the Bahn Mi, Pho and sweet ice coffee


How are you getting your travel inspiration during lockdown?

Any awesome books, movies, blogs or Instagram account I should add in?



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