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Top Ten Tuesday – Why Travel To Australia?

I’ve been in Australia for nearly 10 months now – and I can safely say I’ve enjoyed every minute of it (minus the hangovers of course!) but why Australia? What made me want to spend so much time in a place so far from home? So this week I’m bringing you my Top 10 Reasons I Came To Oz.

1. Climate

I was fed up with the English weather, it’s pretty depressing sometimes, and like most people I headed to Oz to top up my tan and chillax on the beach

2. Surf

Oz is home to some of the best surf and cleanest waters in the world. I wanted to – and have – ride some of the perfect waves it has to offer.

3. Photos

As a photographer Australia seemed to have everythin I needed to build up my portfolio. From the barren outback to the busy rainforest. Not to mention the surf – shooting events such as the Quiksilver Pro have allowed me to capture some epic images

4. Culture

it’s always good to experience some new culture. Even though Australia is very similar to home (although much more relaxed) it’s Aboriginal heritage gives it an added twist.

6. The Backpacker Trail

Australia is forever intwined with the culture of backpacking. It’s THE major stop off on any round the world trip. You can’t go backpacking without experience The land Down Under!

5. The East Coast

When it comes to travelling the East Coast has it all – from the party hard gateway to the Barrier Reef that is Cairns through to the iconic sites of Sydney it caters for every need.

6. The West Coast

On the flip side there’s the West Coast. The unspoilt, uncommercial side of Oz boasts enough natural beauty that even David Attenborough would e impressed! Red desert is juxtaposed against the ice blue waters of Ningaloo Reef and Coral Bay. I’m glad I decided to check it out with people I met on

7. Living The Dream

Ever since I can remember I’ve wanted to go to Oz. I’d literally been planning and talking about visiting it for years. So once I’d finished Uni I decided to follow through on my word!

8. Distance

Australia is the furthest place from home. It’s the ultimate test to making it on your own and meeting new people. It’s great to know I can travel to an entirely new place wher I know no one and I can settle and meet heaps of new friends.

9. A Fresh Start

My original plan was to travel for 3 months. But following my new found singleness I spontaneously booked a 12 month working holday visa! The perfect way to start on a clean sheet.

10. It’s Australia..!

The land of vegemite, goon, kangaroos and didges…it’s awesome!

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