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Top Ten Tuesday – West Coast Australia

Going back to my personal guide format this Top Ten Tuesday is focusing on the month i spent campervanning the West Coast of Australia – off the beaten track and full of unexplored treats and more nature than its partying East Coast cousin. So I bring you my Top Ten Things on the West Coast.

1. Campervan!

I spent my time on the West Coast [WC] in a campervan with a bunch of randoms I met on The whole experience was epic and I think its the best (and probably only) way to explore it. Juts make sure you stock up on water and fuel! (My campervan month was throughout Nov and Dec – so check it out in my archives).

2. Monkey Mia

Monkey Mia is one of the most publicized activities on the WC, and with good reason. Feeding wild dolphins, snorkelling with stingrays and kayaking crystal clear waters? Epic!

3. Surf Maragaret River

It’s big, its heavy and its pretty localised but Maggies has some of the best surf breaks in the world. Just be careful!

4. Snorkel Coral Bay

Coral Bay is one of the best beaches I’ve ever seen, and with an abundance of coral and aquatic life mere meters from the shore its  great way for even the most un waterbaby of us to explore some of natures best offerings.

5. Dive with Manta Rays

Keeping up with these 2m wide bats of the sea is a mission and a half, but it’s incredible to watch how agile and playful they are. And the boat trip and snorkelling with sharks ain’t half bad either…!

6. Dive with Whale Sharks

My one regret about the WC is that I hadn’t timed it with the Whale Shark season. The largest fish in the world is found in abundance during their migration down the WC, unfortunately I didn’t get the pleasure of joining them…

7. Peak Through Natures Lookout

It’s a slight mission off the main track up the WC but Natures Lookout is well worth it if you fancy a hike and shoot some pictures of epic canyons and landscapes.

8. Watch Turtles Nest

I was lucky enough to wander down to the beach and find a whole heap of turtles leaving the sea, digging nests and laying eggs – completely by accident! It was an amazing experience, just respect them and don’t interfere.

9. Surf the Wave Pool in Darwin

Due to the amount of salties in the Northern Territory swimming and surfing in Darwim isn’t too wise. Luckily they wacked in a wave pool and supply free bodyboards to keep you entertained!

10. Drive around the Pinnacles

A bizzare natural landscape thats eerie and beautiful at the same time. Try to arrive near sunset for maximum photographic treats!

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