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Top Ten Tuesday – Things to Do in Australia

Oz is a big place and there’s a hell of a list of things to do. I’ve done rather a lot on my trip so far – I’ve done east coast, west coast, towns, jungle, ocean….so here’s my Top 10 Things to do in Oz.

1 –             Dive the Barrier Reef

It’s a must, whether you do a single dive, a full PADI course or simply snorkel – no trip to Oz is complete without sampling this natural gem.

2 –             Skydive

Get the adrenaline pumping and take in the views as you hurtle towards the ground – it’s not limited to Oz, but it’s definitely one of the nicest places to jump out of a plane!

3 –             Sail the Whitsundays

I myself haven’t yet hit the Whitsundays. But my mates who have say it’s one of the best things on the East Coast. Booze cruise it up on one of the party boats, take it easy on one of the more intimate charters or go full on and join the crew in sailing – luscious waters and white sand. Oz all round!

4 –             4 Wheel drive on Fraser Island

Again it’s still on my personal to do list but people all over my trip have ranted about how much fun it is to camp on the dunes and tear around a secluded island on a 4 x 4!

5 –            Surf at Bells Beach

Surf wise it’s Australias most famous beach and hosts the longest running surf comp in the world – the Ripcurl Pro. Look out for insane rides and local rippers.

6 –            Check out the views from Sydney Bridge

You can pay a couple hundred dollars and full on climb the bridge or pay under $20 and scale one of the towers, either way the views of Oz’s most infamous city are breath taking. Pack your camera!

7 –            Snorkel with Mantas on Ningaloo Reef

One of my West Coast highlights. Ningaloo offers some epic snorkelling and session with the Mantas will stay with you forever. These gentle giants cruise around at a fast pace, so get training!

8 –            Take a tour around the Red Centre

Uluru is the centre of this wonderful country. Sunrise and susnets here are magical. Camp out in a swag or live it large in one of the resorts while soaking up the Aboriginal history and hiking around this natural wonder.

9 –            Drive the Great Ocean Road

The road winds around ocean cliffs and thick rainforest. It’s one of the best drives you can ever take. Stop off in secluded bays or get that postcard picture of the 12 Apostles. Allow 2/3 days for maximum enjoyment.

10 –            Feed wild dolphins in Monkey Mia

Another West Coast treat. Being feet away from these magnificent and wild dolphins its truly magical. If your lucky you’ll get chosen to feed them. If not simply get snap happy with the camera or even hire a sea kayak to paddle around the bay with them.

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