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Top Ten Tuesday – Moroccan Shots

Top Ten Tuesday is back – and this week it”s my Top 10 Shots from Morocco – a mixture of personal experience, culture and surf. It was all a slight experiment on my part too – I shot the entire trip using my iPhone to see if it really could replace my pocket camera…but that’s another blog.

All you need to know for now is that it’s all done using the Hipstamatic app…enjoy!

1. Tamraght VillageThis was the view from the back of our roof terrace of the sprawling terracotta coloured houses that comprise Tamraght, a quaint little surf town just 20 minutes drive north of Agadir airport.


2. Souk Life – The hustle a bustle of the local souk where villagers barter for groceries and sale their wares is an awesome experience. This guys heading home with his weekly shop!


3. Siaad Our go to guy whilst in Morocco was Siaad. He hooked us up with epic tagines, joined us for a few BBQ’s and bevvies and epitomised the Moroccan work ethic…as in he only actually worked if he boss was around!


4. The Local – We woke up one morning to a herd of over 100 wild camels just chilling outside our place on the walk to the beach. So I went down to get some shots. These guys took no notice of me wandering amongst them, they just got on with life.


5. What an Arse – After returning from a surf Siaad introduced me to this fella – “You like my car, he’s very fast”, cracked me up that did! He was ‘parked’ up outside for a couple of days so I decided to nab a shot.


6. Cliche – What’s a holiday shot without a good old fashioned palm tree?! I like the fact the film effect on this one has the simple feel of b&w shot but with just enough hint of colour to bring it to life.


7. The Usual – If you’re following my twitter account @BckPackerBanter you’ll know how obsessed with mint tea I am! I drank loads of the stuff post surf as it gave me the sugar hit I needed! It’s a relaxing tipple which is great to socialise with.


8. Tagine Platter – Tagine is the dish of choice in Morocco, not only is it a great way to cook but the in built presentation for serving always brings a smile to my face. The vibrant colours and taste of Africa can be found on almost every street corner.


9. Hook, Line and Sinker – The Moroccans love making a statement out of the mundane, and their fishing boats are no exception. Heaps of these brightly painted vessels lay docked on the sands of Hash Point unloading their catch.


10. Dawn Patrol – Ok so it’s blatantly not a sunrise session but I love this shot of the whole group on the scout for a wave to ride. This was taken at Banana Beach, which unfortunately has changed alot since I last visited and wasn’t really surfable – we were always in hope though!

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