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Top Ten Tuesday – Campervanning in Australia

Having just sold my van Leslie late last week I’ve been thinking back over the good times I’ve had roadtripping around Australia, and with another roadtrip a mere week away I’ve been trying to organise myself! So this week I’m bringing you my Top Ten Roadtrip Items …let the good times roll!

1. Tunes

No roadtrip is complete without a good sound track, make sure there are numerous CD’s and iPods on board and they’re loaded with mellow and pumping tunes alike.

2. Torch

The most underestimated and overlooked piece of kit. I actually went a week before purchasing it…never again!

3. Goon

A good supply of beverage is essential, camp fires simply aren’t the same without it!

4. Water

Seriously, pack shed loads. Vans turn into ovens in the morning heat, a good bottle of water is always good to have to hand.

5. Condoms

Van sex. Enough said.

6. Babywipes

One of my top festival items too. When you don’t have access to a shower or simply need to freshen up or clean up spills they’re a life saver. Go bumper pack to be on the safe side!

7. Toilet Roll

Pack in adequate quantities!

8. Books

A nice lazy read whilst in the passenger seat is a great way to pass hours of Aussie road by. My top reads have been “Mr Nice”,The Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse” and “The Beach

9. Good company

Don’t EVER roadtrip with anyone who will bug you. When it comes to long stretches in a cramped van the company you take with you will make or break the trip. Good banter, good people, good times.

10. Fuel!

Especially in Oz. You can go along time before finding the nearest fuel station, and on the West Coast in particular it’s important to keep topped up.