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Top Ten Tuesday – Things to Do in Cairns

With my mind on a roadtrip up the East Coast with a heap of my Byron buddies my thoughts have been wandering back to where I started my trip, and indeed where I may finish it – Cairns. This week – following in the footsteps of my Sydney Top 10 I bring you my Top 10 Things to Do in Cairns.

1. Dive the Great Barrier Reef

This one is a no brainer. Cairns is the gateway to one of the most renowned of the 7 wonders of the world – the Great Barrier reef. Take a day trip and snorkel, or go all out like I did and complete a dive course (or two!). Kaledascope fish and fanning corals await you. See my Dive Course diary HERE.

2. Stay at Gilligans

I’ve been travelling for nearly a year now and I’ve stayed in numerous hostels around Oz. Gilligans is still the benchmark though. Nothing has surpassed on bed space, atmosphere and party carnage. Check out my full review HERE.

3. Take a Trip to Cape Tribulation

A half day drive from Cairns lies Cape Tribulation. The place where rainforest meets white sandy beaches and ice blue waters, it comes straight out of the tourist brochure and deserves the hype. Check my blog post HERE.

4. Take a dip in Crystal Cascades

Slightly outside of town is a place called Crystal Cascades. It’s a great day out with a group of mates and some ice cold bevvies. Swim in the waterfalls and if you dare take a leap off the rock walls! Here’s what happened on my trip there.

5. Laze around the Lagoon Pool

Cairns itself lacks a beach. So to compensate they built a pretty pimping lagoon pool surrounded by BBQ areas and grassy lawns. A great place to read a book or recover form the night before!

6. Table dance in the Woolshed

If you liked Cheeky Monkeys the Woolshed (or “Wooly”) will become your Cairns equivalent. Restaurant by day, party bar and table sized dance floors by night,

7. Get more bang for your buck at Rhino Bar

Rhino Bar in Cairns offers some of the best bang for your buck drinks wise that I’ve found on my whole trip. $3 all you can drink in an hour?! 50cent schooner keg night?! $1 kangaroo, croc or emu burgers?! I’ll say no more!

8. Simply Shop

If you need to stock up on supplies or simply have some pre or post travelling money to burn then the shopping mall in Cairns city centre will help you burn it!

9. Cruise the Tablelands

If you can sort renting a car (or even maybe book a tour) try and check out the Atherton Tablelands. These lush green plains offer a whole heap of leisurely drives with magnificent views. There’s heaps of waterfalls to swim in (including the one from the Herbal Essences ad!) and even an old school drive in cinema.

10. Relax with some Yoga

Cairns puts on loads of free activities over the year – I got my yoga on every week. All for free. You cant beat free stuff! Check out the notice boards in town for more details.

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