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Top 10 Tuesday – Go Kiwi and Backpack New Zealand!

Top 10 Tuesday – Go Kiwi and Backpack New Zealand!

This week I’ve brought back a long running feature called Top Ten Tuesday in aid of Blog4NZ – as I’ve never visited the place personally (it is however next on my list for early 2012) here are my own Top 10 Reasons I Want to Go Kiwi…

1. Raglan – It was pretty inevitable that surf was going to be a pretty big reason – Raglan is one of the best left hand point breaks in the world – bring it on!

2. Kiwi Experience – The Kiwi Experience is something I deal with everyday at work, it looks like a great way to travel and meet heaps of backpackers.

3. Campervan Living (Take 2!) – On the flip side NZ is also brilliant for campervanning, you can literally park up anywhere, can’t wait to be living in a van again! If you’re looking to hire check out BackPacker Campervans

4. Maori Culture – Deep in the veins of NZ life is Maori culture, everything from the Haka to traditional dialect and tattoo – it all looks like a great history to explore

5. It’s a great stepping stone – I personally will be spending a good 12/24months in NZ, but even if you aren’t it’s a great place to visit as part of RTW trip – hop over from Oz and then onto Fiji…

6. Adrenaline – I’m a big fan of getting my adrenaline going, NZ seems to let you jump off of most things, planes, platforms, canyons..AJ Hackett is the king of carnage – and what you can’t jump off you can tear down at high speeds – such as the Skyline Luge – this country is mental!

7. Landscape – As a photographer I’m all about exploring places and snapping some great pics, NZ has a whole host of beautiful landscapes – from snowy mountains to tranquil lakes to endless beaches.

8. Chillax – Quite literally! NZ has some word class snowboarding which I’d love to sample properly, and if that isn’t your thing you can explore the world famous Franz Josef Glacier.

9. WHV Visa – One of the big draws is that I can get up to 23 months of working holiday visa in New Zealand, so I can explore, play and work my way around both islands, and hopefully save up enough money to travel even more afterwards!

10. Recommendation – One of the major draws of NZ is the fact I’ve met so many people that love the place. For me that alone makes me want to visit somewhere as there’s no higher level of praise than from those who I meet whilst travelling. I’m currently in the planning process of my NZ trip – but rest assured I shall be posting lots of tasty treats to encourage you to go Kiwi too!

*Blog4NZ is a 3 day event aimed to help and promote New Zealand tourism following the recent earthquakes. For more info check out this post*

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