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Top 10 Things To Pack For Your Surf Trip

Top 10 Things To Pack For Your Surf Trip

Being a backpacker can be pretty damn difficult sometimes – especially when it comes to packing and kit lists.

backpacking surfer kit list

Enjoy The Waves!

Rolling clothes, leaving stuff behind, it all becomes part of day to day life on the road.

Being a backpacker and a surfer makes life twice as difficult!

Most people travel with the bare minimum and can easily manage. Surfers on the other hand have a whole heap of other stuff they need to lug around, remember and prepare for!

In fact if I didn’t surf (or take pictures for that matter) I’m pretty sure I’d be able to travel on a 40 litre bag. But the flip side of this is if I didn’t surf I probably wouldn’t be travelling as much!

So how do you pack for a trip to score some warm water waves? Well here’s my Top 10 Things To Pack For Surf Travel…


1) Wax – without a doubt the biggest commodity (apart from your board) will be surf wax! The stuff is like white gold on a surf trip and can be a nightmare to get hold of in far flung places (and expensive too) so make sure you pack more than enough!


backpacking surfer sex wax

White Gold!

2) Fin key – These little buggers are the first thing to get lost on a trip and one of your most valuable items so pack a couple, every surfer will thank you for it!


3) Duct Tape – simple but with multiple uses. Repair bags and boards, cover blisters…it won’t take up much room but it’s a god send to have a roll or two in your bag.


4) Ding Repair Kit – there’s nothing worse than dinging your board and having it out of the water whilst it drys and the surf is pumping. A ding repair kit like Solar Rez is a must if you want maximum water time – especially in more remote spots.


5) Zinc Cream – it’s gonna be hot, you’re going to be in the sun so be safe and slap on a lashing of zinc cream to avoid horrible sunburn and a lobster tan!


6) Sunglasses – and make sure you protect those eyes on the beach…get yourself a good quality UV protection pair of sunnies, polarised ones are even better.


7) Rash vest – again on the sunburn side of things a good rashvest will make your life heaps easier. Funnily enough it also protects you from a rash too!


8) More Wax… yup you’re going to need plenty of it!


backpacking surfer pack your board

Extra Wrapping = Extra Safe!

9) Medi Kit reef cuts, urchins, scrapes, it’ll all happen on the road and you need to be prepared – especially if you’re in the middle of nowhere or somewhere with basic medical care. Fresh needles are also advisory and a first aid book will come in heaps handy.


10) Pipe Lagging and Bubble Wrap – anyone whose tried to bring a board on a plane will no doubt moan about baggage handlers and dinged boards. For me plenty of pipe lagging on the rails and bubble wrap on the deck and bottom will help keep your stick safe and save any upset at the airport.


Anything you guys never leave for a surf trip without? Chuck your tips for fellow surf travellers in the comments below…!


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