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To the land down under…

Ok so iv just had a right old chuckle to myself- i’m on the final leg of

my flight to oz and our pilot for today is Gordon Ramsey.



I’ll start from the beginning!

So I left the amazing hospitality of miss laura brown,who seemed more

excited than me! (i have a blog about my last day somewhere….need to post it later!) And sat on the platform of the Piccadilly line with

miss stanbridge. after a lingering goodbye I jumped on the tube,I’ll be

honest-I was shitting it.I’d gone pale and had a whole barrage of


Being a man I ignored them all and sat on a packed tube,laden with

camera equipment and the simplistic elements of my life.

That tube journey was slow as hell!

Then I foun myself at heathrow terminal 3,suddenly the panic subsided

and I found myself smirking in a bubble of Australian fueled ecstacy!

I rolled up to the check in desk,aiming straight for the pretty

brunette…not cos I’m an egotistical man,there was reason behind the

small talk I struck up.

“do you have any hand luggage”

“indeed I do”

“could you pop it on the scales”

She looked at me in disbelief, so I enquired to what was wrong

“your hand luggage is 15kg”

“is this a problem” (cue cheeky Devon smile!)

I was fully aware of the fact I was over double my allowance…but i

pleaded ignorant and even told her I was getting away from a bad


….worked a treat and I soon found myself with a boarding card and no

excess baggage charge!


That was my final hurdle…I couldn’t worry about what I’d packed,my

final nerves were all about getting my camera gear and housing on the

flight rather than leaving them at the mercy of an underpaid

frustrated baggage handler!

Hurdle cleared I was free to breeze through security (who thought the

fact I shot underwater photography was sweet-blatant lie!lol!)

Que the phone calls to friends n family as I stuffed my face with

sushi and sank a cheeky pint, killing time and saying final goodbyes.

Flight called and I entered the final departure lounge-cathays pacific

to hong kong.

Tapped the plane 7times for luck before boarding (cheers Kat for

that!!) and found my seat. Promptly introduced myself to laura an

jonny,my single serving fight club styley plane friends!

Free alcohol?!

Shall we have a little bit of a party?!indeed we did!

Watched sum movies,drank some gin,wathed some more movies,drank some

beer,ate sum nuts,had a nap.woke up. 2hours to go…!

Now I’d also like to point out now that unless u have a window seat

cathays pacific has one of the least sleep friendly fleets. Jonny

curled up in a ball,laura slept head down on her table.then gave up

and fell asleep on my shoulder by accident!hahaha!

Slightly drunk and very tired I kinda semi slept.

So I land in hong kong, it’s suddenly all becoming real. So naturally

me n jonny hit the bar! Busted out the skype to the little bro (woke

his lazy student ass up!) and drank alot. Never wander around hong

kong airport….it’s freaking MASSIVE and it’s pretty easy to walk in

circles.so we settled at burger king,stuffe our faces then finished

off our mini pub crawl.

The Boarding gate for my transfer to cairns was posted n I said

farewell to jonny…he’s direct to Sydney…but we’re hookin up for a

beer n he may join the camper-safe travels buddy.

After a glastonbury style babywipe shower I was ready to board my

flight. score window seat.got talking to the Aussie girl next to

me…who was moaning about the english climate!haha!Turns out she was

visiting mates not too far from me in Devon!

Passed out for a bit.

Didn’t drink.

Watched a shit film (the proposal…it’s pretty rubbish…but sandra

bullock is naked on more than one occassion!)

No idea what time I is ATM…my timezone is a cross between uk hong

kong and oz….trying to avoid jetlag as I don’t wana be boring and

lame when linzi picks me up!

I’m treating the flight like a festival-I smell,I look shattered and

I’m drinking lots of beer….no idea why people complain about these

long haul trips!lmao!

Currently over indo…it’s dark and I haven’t seen sunlight since 6pm

on Thursday…no idea what day it is now!!!

Loving the map of the flight though…I’m actually going to oz…years

of dreaming and planning and I land in freaking oz today…just

thinking about it gives me butterflies.

As does the track listing I have playing…makes me smile and drift of

to a sunny saunton day :)


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