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tips stay healthy whilst backpacking travelling diet fitness jenny d remedies

12 Easy Tips To Stay Healthy Whilst Travelling

Excess sun, booze and food is never a good combo for your body whilst backpacking! But here are some easy tips to stay healthy whilst travelling!

Staying healthy whilst travelling can be a nightmare – I’ve gone from trim and toned whilst surf coaching in Ecuador to bloated and sluggish after too many noodles and buckets in Thailand!

I bumped in Jenny on Koh Tao a few years ago and she’s kickstarted me into trying to be a lot healthier on the road – and trust me she knows what she’s talking about!

So how do you stay healthy on the road? Well I’ll pass you over to Jenny…

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Avoid Backpacker Belly!

tips stay healthy whilst backpacking travelling diet fitness jenny d remedies
Meet Jenny!

I’m a free spirit, urban hippy, adventure freak, and go-getter. I have wanderlust in my veins and one main goal in life; and that my friend, is to be happy. I’ve backpacked several countries, soaked in each culture, explored new views, and met some amazing souls along the way.

After my first backpacking trip to Australia, I not only realized just how awful I had been treating my body, but also how awful I felt. I knew that what I was putting in my body for the past 8 months had really harmed my health and my confidence

I know how hard and overwhelming it can be taking your first trip. Your bank account says drink the cheapest goon and eat ramen noodles! But your body will be crying “No!”  

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Prepare Now To Save The Pain Later!

tips stay healthy whilst travelling jenny d remedies 3
There’s No Reason Not To Travel Healthy!

I wish I had learnt how to eat healthy on the road. I ended up paying for it when I got home.  


I paid for gym memberships that barely got used. I was investing a lot of money into nasty supplements and programs that were probably causing more harm to my body inside and not making a difference on the outside.

I did some soul searching when I was in Southeast Asia. I learned about the diet that the locals ate. I became interested in spiritual practices and the collective belief. My worldview expanded and from that trip on, I promised myself I would help others in some way. Enter holistic nutrition!

I thought that when I enrolled to college to learn about natural nutrition that I would learn about food and how it can benefit you.  I had no idea that I would learn just hoe powerful the body-mind-spirit connection is.

I became aware of not just what I was putting in my body, but also the type of products I used on my body and in my home. As a holistic nutritional consultant, I recommend both dietary and lifestyle choices. I teach my clients how to eat intuitively. I never suggest measuring food, or calculating numbers. This is real life, eating shouldn’t be complicated, especially while you’re exploring the world!

So let’s get to it. Here are 12 easy tips on how to stay healthy on the road! 

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12 Tips for Staying Healthy On The Road

1. Try not to have your biggest meal of the day for dinner.

Have a big healthy breakfast to give your body the energy it needs for all the adventure time!!

2. [easyazon_link identifier=”B003B28C5O” locale=”UK” tag=”backpbante-21″]Freeze dried probiotics[/easyazon_link] are an actual thing and are a game changer.  

Or, a kombucha a day would suffice. Probiotics are essential to keep your immunity up and ensure that vitamins and minerals are absorbed properly.  

3. Go easy on the goon and beer!

I know, BUT IT’S SO CHEAP. They say that drinking a six pack of beer is the equivalent of eating two loaves of bread if were talkin’ calories. Switch to the hard stuff, and if you can drink it with water and a splash of mix, you’re laughing.

4. Stay active!

Please don’t be one of those people that sit in the communal area and watch movies every day. If the sun is shinin’, get out there and explore! From diving to hiking to biking, there are loads of activities to keep you moving.

tips stay healthy whilst travelling jenny d remedies 3
Take Advantage Of Fresh Fruit & Veg!

5. Find time to be alone.

I know that traveling may look like it’s all fun and games in the photos we post, but every backpacker knows that traveling can be stressful. Remember to ‘zen out’. Having time to yourself is needed for the mind and soul.

6. Don’t sit still

Along with being active is making sure you don’t sit still for huge chunks of time – especially true if you’re doing a big overland trip.

Whenever your bus stops take the time to have a quick walk to stretch your legs and on long haul flights make sure you move around a bit!

7.  Take advantage of markets.

PSSST. Here’s my biggest secret to getting cheap or even FREE food.  Go on the last day of the markets! Often times, they need to get rid of produce and will give you a deal, or just give it to you!  I once walked out with a whole box of avocados, which obviously made me the coolest chick in the hostel.

8. Stay hydrated! 

I could go on and on about the benefits of drinking water, but I think you’ve heard it before, so drink up! Especially true if you’re spending heaps of time in the sunshine, or even just chilling in the tropical heat!

9. [easyazon_link identifier=”B00BS9JGK2″ locale=”UK” tag=”backpbante-21″]Coconut oil[/easyazon_link].  

Lotion? Coconut oil. Eye make-up remover? Coconut oil.  Sunburn? Coconut oil.  Cooking? Coconut oil.  The list goes on and on and it’s so much better for your body and the environment than most products!

10. Eat plenty of plants.

Try filling your plate with mostly veggies and have meat or a complex carb, such as a sweet potato or brown rice, as the side. Even better why not travel as a vegetarian for a bit and see how it goes?!

11. Ladies- use the [easyazon_link identifier=”B000FAG6X0″ locale=”UK” tag=”backpbante-21″]diva cup[/easyazon_link].

It’s amazing, trust me!

12. [easyazon_link identifier=”B000KHPGCU” locale=”UK” tag=”backpbante-21″]Men- wrap it up[/easyazon_link], always.  

‘Nuff said!


Preparing your body for a big trip is confusing and there’s so much information out there! But you don’t have to reach your health goals by yourself.


Jenny D’s Remedies

Want to make sure you stay healthy on the road?

Well Jenny has created two special programs for all of you Wanderlusters! Whether it’s preparing your backpack and body prior to a trip, or coming home and wanting to shed some backpacker pounds after too many pad thais!

Her adventure packages are completely personalised so head over to www.jennydsremedies.com for more info and to start building your own programme!

Plus us the code BACKPACKER10 and save $10 off any package :)



tips stay healthy whilst travelling jenny d remedies 3


Any top tips you guys want to share for staying healthy on the road?


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