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Tips For Travelling As A Couple – How To Survive On The Road!

Going travelling with your partner soon? Make sure you don’t kill each other with these handy tips for travelling as a couple!

Travelling as a couple can be a pretty intense experience – you’re suddenly in each others faces 247 in strange country with only them for support. It’s a whole different world to travelling solo!

But be warned – as much as travelling with your partner can be an amazing and really strengthen your relationship together, it can also turn into an absolute nightmare!

So to avoid things turning sour and having to change all your plane tickets here are some top tips to survive travelling as a couple…which will hopefully mean you return as a couple too!


Tips For Travelling As A Couple


travelling as a couple top tips backpacker gap year
Share The Experience With Some New Buddies Too!

Meet Some Other Travel Buddies

One of the worst things you can do when travelling as a couple is to get stuck in your own couple bubble!

Sure this may well be your trip of a lifetime with your partner but trust me, to make this work you’re going to have to meet some other travel buddies along the way!

Not only is meeting new people one of the most awesome parts of travel, but it’ll also give you new ideas for adventures and a bit of down time too. Me and Erin have met some awesome people on the road who we’ve travelled with and they’ve made the adventure just as much as the destination has – so don’t shut yourself off!

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Erin Watching Me Surf From The Bar!

Schedule In Some Me Time

When you travel as a couple you’ll be in each others faces 24/7 the entire time – and if you don’t take some time to yourself every so often you’ll quickly be at each others throats!

For me that means hitting the waves and surfing. For Erin it means chilling out with a book, grabbing a cocktail, relaxing with some yoga or doing some shopping.

Find your own personal me time and enjoy it!

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siargao island philippines photos paradise backpacker travel
Sometimes it’s good to explore solo too

Travel Separately For A Bit

Whether you just do a day trip on your own, a couple weeks with some new buddies or head to different countries for a short trip travelling on your own occasionally will definitely help keep your relationship on track and sane!

Sure this isn’t something that everyone will want to do, but if you REALLY want to do one thing whilst your partner really wants to do something else for a couple of weeks then whats the harm on going solo for a bit and meeting up and continuing your travels as a couple?

Enjoy your time apart but also enjoy missing your partner too – then when you’re back together your relationship will be refreshed, re energised and the adventure can continue!

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Date Nights

Ok so I know so far a lot of stuff I’ve mentioned includes getting away from your partner, but it’s also important to do couple stuff too!

Treat yourself to a date night once a week (or once a month if you’re keeping an eye on the budget!) where you eat out somewhere a bit nicer (no Pad Thai on the street corner!) and maybe splash out and book a private room for a bit of…ummm…alone time!

…because sex in dorm rooms is never ideal…for anyone!

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Forgive Quickly

You’re going to fight, that’s a given. Spending that much time in each others faces means there WILL be fights – no matter how loved up you are!

Things that would usually be no worries suddenly become super irritating, the heat, the overnight buses – you’re going to get moody and the chances are you’re going to take it out on your significant other…that’s just how it works!

The trick though is to let it blow over. If you’ve started the argument you need to learn to say sorry quickly and if you’re at the pointy end of the argument you’re going to have to suck it up and learn to forgive equally fast too.

Get those skills nailed and no matter how big a blow up you have you’ll soon be back at the beach, sipping cocktails again!

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Remember To Compromise

tips for travelling as a couple backpacker gap year
I’m Not A Lover Of Cities…but sometimes you have to take one for the team!

At the end of the day there are 2 people on this trip so you’re going to have to make sure both of you are having an epic time!

For me my ideal trip involves beaches and surfing, whereas Erin loves the city life – so after spending a month kicking back island style on Siargao in the Philippines we then headed to the glitz and city living of Taipei in Taiwan.

Sure it was never going to be high on my to do list, but I sucked it up for the compromise!

The great thing about this is your partner can push your comfort zone and help you experience amazing things you wouldn’t have otherwise considered.

Compromise doesn’t have to just be countries though, it can be as simple as hostel choices or places to eat – just make sure you’re both getting what you want out of the adventure!

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Avoid Money Worries By Planning Ahead

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Be Honest With Your Budget

One of the biggest causes of arguments on the road (both from personal experience and meeting other couples!) is money.

When you’re planning your adventure make sure you both have similar budgets to play with and that you’ve accounted for things you both want to do.

There’s nothing worse than smashing all your money on something because your partner wants to do it or  on the flip side not being able to go on that awesome day out because the other person simply cant afford it.

The key with money is to be open and honest with your travel budget – that way you can both figure it out and make sure money isn’t causing heaps of stress!

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Embrace The Un-Romantic!

This is especially important for those who haven’t lived together before!

Travelling as a couple isn’t all roses, fairydust and romantic walks on the beach – you’re going to be in each others pockets 247 and there are going to be times when things are going to get…ummm…weird!

Tag teaming your ensuite bathroom when you both get food poisoning – oh yeah I’ve been there!

Having to pull over the overnight bus before your partner is busting for a wee and is too embarrassed to ask – yup!

…luckily though this kind of thing should (in theory!) make you stronger, just go in with an open mind!

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travelling as a couple solo female travel backpacker worries fears
Avoid Getting Hangry!

Avoid The Hangry Stage!

We’ve all been there – it’s hot, you’re tired, you haven’t eaten and the hangry version of yourself emerges!

Short tempered, irrational and generally looking to start a fight by any means possible – it’s something that we’re all guilty of on the road.

So keep each other well fed and watered! Even if you’re not hungry grab a snack and keep fuelled. It’ll save everyone a lot of hassle!

Girls – a quick tip…keep some emergency snacks in your bag because despite your man not picking up anything for that overnight bus he’s going to get hungry!haha!

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Look After Each Other

At the end of the day you’re a couple – a team – so make sure you’re looking after each other. If you can tell your partner is getting a bit burnt out slow the travel plans down  bit and recharge.

If they’re sick – get ready to hold their hair back and run to the corner shop to stock up on energy drinks, rehydration sachets and medicine!

It’s relationship karma – you look after them and they look after you! This mini challenges on your travels will help make your relationship even stronger.

Homesickness is also something you should keep an eye out for too – even though you’re together that doesn’t mean they won’t miss their friends and family, so give them some time to Skype home and then give them heaps of cuddles!

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The bottom line is if you keep these things in mind, you should avoid some of the un necessary arguments and stress that might emerge when travelling as a couple – so fingers crossed you have an amazing time and don’t kill each other in the process!

Good luck ;)


Have you been on a trip with your partner before?

Any tips you’d share for travelling as a couple?


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