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The Top 10 Things I Like And Loathe About Travel Blogging

When I tell people that I’m a travel writer and photographer it’s generally met with the same response – “wow thats really awesome” or “that must be a great job”.

To some extent they’re right too, it is a god position to be in, but like any job there’s also a heap of things that aren’t so fun too! So I thought I’d give you a slight insight into the ups and downs of working on the road;

My Top 10 Things I Love and Loathe About Travel Blogging


  1. I LOVE being in hot climates, nothing beats escaping the dreary weather of the UK to soak up the sunshine in some far off destination
  2. But on the other hand I LOATHE having to bounce around all the time. Sometimes it’s nice to chill out in one place for a while, actually unpack your stuff and have a base for more than 3 days!
  3. I LOVE freebies. Yup I’m not going to lie I do get some pretty good perks with the job! Everything from my awesome ENO Hammock through to free accommodation and discounts on stuff
  4. I LOATHE SEO – that’s search engine optimisation for anyone not in the know! It’s what gets you higher in Google basically! I hate it, I dont really understand it either, luckily my buddy Dan from Adventures With Dan is a whizz and helps me out!
  5. I LOVE hostel life. As mad as it sounds living in hostels is great fun, you meet heaps of random amazing people, cause all kinds of chaos and have epic times – I do enjoy a private room every so often though to chill out!
  6. I LOATHE the internal politics of the travel blog community. I try not to get involved and ignore most of it!haha! Don’t get me wrong the travel bloggers of the world are generally a great bunch of people and I’ve made some good friends – but like any group of people there’s a few I don’t want to mingle with! Toni from Reclaiming My Future had a great rant about it recently!
  7. I LOVE passing on the travel stoke and getting feedback from my readers – it’s those kinds of emails that make me keep doing what I’m doing and are heaps good to read. Feel free to drop me an email anytime guys…and keep the comments coming!
  8. I LOATHE the unpredictability of my income. Some months I’ll make more than enough to cover my expenses and treat myself, some months I make sod all, but hey I can’t complain too much – I make money through traveling!
  9. I LOVE the fact I have no idea where the hell everything is going! My travel plans are constantly changing, I have no idea when/if I’ll ever come back to the UK and I only have a loose plan on where I’ll be over the next few years!
  10. I LOATHE – and most bloggers will agree – spam advertisers and being undervalued! No I don’t want your free unique content (I can write my own thank you very much!) no I don’t care if it’s free, no you won’t be getting any kind of link for your efforts, and no we won’t be working with each other long term. My blog is my business, my rates are what they are and no I won’t make an exception for the multi million dollar company you represent because it’ll bring more traffic to my site! ARRRRGGHHH! Rant over!

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