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The Phi Phi Islands, Thailand – In Pictures

The Phi Phi Islands are perhaps some of the most picturesque places I’ve ever laid my eyes on. As a photographer it was amazing as every scene through the view finder was postcard perfect – gorgeous colours, amazing light and epic subjects, you can’t help but take great photos in a place like that!

Here’s my top shots a mixture of some from a day trip I took on a long boat – a bargain at 400 baht for a full day (around £8) that I’d happily pay 10 times that amount for the shots I got in my portfolio and also from a stroll I took to the lookout point, a sweaty 30 minute climb but worth it for the views!

Phi Phi Palms

Green palm tress against blue skies, you can’t find a much simpler way to convey how tropical this place it, I always make sure I take the time to look up whilst wandering around – heaps goes unnoticed until you tip your head back.

Monkey Beach

Probably one of the more random experiences I had on Phi Phi – our long tail moored up on a secluded bay and we were greeted by a hoard of monkeys chilling on the sands and wandering around in the shallows, be careful though…these little buggers love nabbing your food!

Overlooking Phi Phi

Taken from the lookout on Phi Phi this is my little bro and his mate Jonesy soaking up the views from the lookout point over the main section of the island. We spent nearly an hour in the lush sea breeze in awe of where we were.

Hammock Time on the Beach!

Your on a tropical island, it’s covered in palm trees by the beach – so what do you naturally want to do? Chill in a hammock of course! Luckily I’m carrying around a pimping double nest hammock courtesy of the guys at ENO Hammocks so its easily done!

Our Ride for the Day

Much like one of my previous Photos of the Week this was the boat which took us around the islands – and it looks postcard perfect parked on the beach whilst we had a wander around.

Reflecting on the Beauty

A different take on the viewpoint on Phi Phi – this time seen through the eyes of my bros aviators. I’m loving this type of shot at the moment and included a similar one of Machu Pichu in my Inca Trail Top Shots.

Through the Palms

It’s hot, your sweaty, you’ve had a cooling dip in the sea and it’s time to find some shad to relax in – cue your good friend the palm leaf to get the job done island styleeeey!

Lapping Tides

One of the best parts of being by the ocean is simply walking along the walking, the tide lapping at your ankles and beautiful stretches of sand under you feet. You don’t need to spend heaps of money to be content and entertained, sometime a good walk along the coast is the perfect way to spend your time.

White Sands, Turquoise Waters, Paradise

This image is completely un photoshopped (like all the others) bar adding a vignette around the border. The water IS that colour. The sand IS that clean and white and the whole thing IS that inviting simply to dive in!

So which one inspires you the most to jump on a plane and head to the Thai Islands?!

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