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The Next Adventure…!

I’m back in the UK now – frantically packing, editing photos and catching up with my buddies…because my next backpacking adventure is already fast approaching!

So where will I be causing chaos now? Well the answer isn’t as simple as usual – because on the second half of my RTW 2012 trip I’ve left room for alot more flexibility – mainly due to the fact I’m not working during this period (bar the blog of course!) and for a change I’ve got nothing booked to constrain my time!


Flight Path

The easiest way to describe what I’m getting up to is to simply divulge my flight ticket;



Now for any of you not down with the travel agent lingo its as follows;


London Heathrow via Dubai to Bangkok

Overland to Singapore

From there I’m bouncing into Brisbane before flying out of Sydney

And finally ending up in Auckland



The first thing that you may notice is that there aren’t many places in that list – and you may also have picked up on the fact it terminates in NZ.

Now all my work at STA Travel has opened up my eyes to the joys of flexible and cheap tickets (the entire route has cost me less than £550 on an Emirates contract!) but it’s also taught me that I want room to explore – so I’ve picked key entry and exit points for each destination



Asia is a destination that I’ve only just learnt to love – but I’ve fallen hard. After my brief 3 week trip to Thailand last year I’ve been gagging to get back. Landing in Bangkok is the perfect bouncing point to the rest of the continent via cheap Air Asia flights.

The plan was to head into Laos, down into Cambodia, through the Thai islands and into Malayasia.

However I’ve decided that after 4 months of surfing in Ecuador and Peru I don’t fancy being landlocked – and needing some serious salt water therapy it looks like I’ll be heading up to Chiang Mai/Pai/Chang Rai for a week before jumping on a plane to Indo!

I’m then heading back to Thailand mid June for some birthday carnage around Phi Phi and Koh Lanta, followed by buckets of fun (literally!) at Full Moon at Haad Rin…and of course a trip back to the gorgeous Koh Tao.

Now I was dropping into Malaysia after and finishing off Asia in just over 3 months. But I’ve met heaps of awesome backpackers in Peru and it seems I’m now rendezvousing with the awesome Swoobs (aka Sandra) in September. Again the plan isn’t set by any means – but Laos, Cambodia and maybe even Vietnam are on the cards.

Basically I have a limit on my Asian funds, and when I hit that I’ll bail out!


Travel Buddies

After moaning on about how travelling solo can suck after a while I’ve rustled up some more travel buddies for this trip!

First up I’m amped to have one of my best buddies Matt on board for the first month. He’s a fellow surfer so expect heaps of waves – but more interestingly he’s barely travelled, so it’s going to be a fun experience watching him launch into the backpacking bubble with me!

He’s never even visited London – so Bangkok could be rather hilarious from my perspective!

Second up my little bro and his buddy are joining my just before my birthday for some island hopping awesomeness! We stayed put when he visited me back in Byron Bay, Australia – so it’s going to be good to actually travel with him!

There’s also a few other in the pipeline – but needless to stay I’m stoked to have some company this time around!



The original plan with Australia was to land in Brisbane and head back to Byron Bay for a couple weeks.

Again the travel buddies I’ve made have opened up heaps of opportunities and couches to sleep on! I’ve now got the possibility of Perth, Darwin and Adelaide to add to the list.

More importantly though I’m heading back to Sydney. Two of my fave Aussie buddies from Montanita have set up an amazing fashion company inspired by their travel called Wolftress. They’re working on launching their first collection – so I’m heading to Sidders to help out with photo shoots. In the meantime go check out their website, twitter feed and Facebook page!

One of my Devonian buddies has just had twins over there too so I’m sure I’ll have to pop my head round and say hi!


Kiwi Land!

My final flight takes me to the enchanted New Zealand – and it’s here where my most exciting adventure begins; a 2 year working holiday visa.

Yup I’m ditching the UK for the foreseeable future and trying to make a life amongst the rolling hills, snow capped mountains and of course – pumping surf!

I have no real idea what I’ll do (although surf coaching and STA Travel are probably choices!) but I fully intend on living in a campervan again, exploring and catching up with yet more travel buddies – including shooting the wedding of a couple I met on my Inca Trail tour in Peru!


Exciting Times

There’s many an adventure ahead, uncertainty, waves and generaly carnage! I’m stoked to see where it heads and I hope you guys will be stoked with the stories I tell and the lessons I pass on along the way.


…and when does this all kick off? In true impatient style I fly out next Saturday – the 12th of May! Let the countdown commence!


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