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The morning after…


… head hurts!


But we were determined not to waste another day feeling ‘blergh’. Kerri and me  hooked up with Matt from the Cairns Crew and Kty Lou and headed out to peruse the many free galleries that Sydney has to offer.

The 4 of us all have varied artistic backgrounds; I’m a photographer, Kezza studied textiles and fashion design, Matt did fine art and Kty studied art also.

So between us we have a pretty good knowledge of the art world and know what we like and what we dont!

So eventually we all managed to rendezvous at the Museum of Contemporary Art. As cultured as we all are we are by no means easily fooled by the bullsh*t jargon that usually accompanies gallery pieces. This gallery isnt really that impressive and we were left wondering “what excuse” the artist had written up to justify the piece!!!!

A bit bemused by the lack of good work we headed back through the city. We stumbled upon are rather interesting gallery/shop specializing in aboriginal design. As you may tell i’m not easily impressed with art….most of it annoys me! But aboriginal paintings and design are by far my highlight in a rather dim artistic era that we live in. Its timeless yet fresh and the unique styles are aesthetically beautiful despite their apparent simplicity.

So after some rather more forfilling viewing we checked out the buskers around the harbour (including some amazing didge players and a rather odd stunt man) before heading back to the hostel.

I’d also like to point out now that Wakeup is by far my favourite accommodation so far (but i will divulge more info on that in a separate hostel related post which is being written).

Kerri boshed out the most amazing veggie curry, courtesy of the amazing mummy finlayson! my belly was full and we hit the liquor store!

Goon was purchased and phone calls were made. The party ethic that had been so successful in the Cairns Goon Room at 121 was quickly transferred to the newly established 702 Crew. Before we knew it the room was lined with bodies, banter and booze. However 25+ people in a dorm room hammering goon and messing around with beat boxing didgeridoo skills creates rather alot of noise. At 10pm we were promptly evicted by the biggest security guard I have ever seen….this guy filled the whole door frame!ha!

An epic night of dancing in the Sidebar and meetin more lovely people commenced (yes i managed to get in this time!)

Sidders is shaping up to be all the party carnage I hoped for!

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