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The First of My 2013 Backpacking Adventures; New Zealand and Beyond!

I’m so stoked right now and I’m getting pre travel jitters and excitement for the first time in a while…and that because less than 2 weeks away I shall be starting my 2013 travel plans.

Admittedly I’ve been on the road solidly for over a year now – but the last 3 months I’ve been based in one place and working. The fact that I work as a surf instructor and the fact it’s been in the sunny climates of southern Morocco are irrelevant!

Still staying put for that long has reset my travel stoke. I’m amped to get back in the backpacker bubble again and explore some new corners of the world!


So Where Am I Heading?!

new zealand backpacking travelFirst off after a few nights in Marrakech to say goodbye to my surf students I’m heading to Switzerland. The girlfriend lives there so I have a couple days of readjusting to civilisation (Morocco is heaps disorganized!) and maybe snowboarding before jumping on my longest flight to date – all the way to NEW ZEALAND!

Now for those of you unfamiliar to my world I was actually meant to arrive in NZ in about July last year. My travel plans changed, changed again and chance once more which basically kicked my arrival back to the drawing board.

However my parents had already bought plane tickets to come visit me (I haven’t seen them for over a year now) but in an odd twist of amusement it’s now me flying to the other side of the world to catch up with them!

…my Dad would kill me if I didn’t!

So after god knows how long on a plane (although I’m travelling in luxury with Emirates all the way!) and a night of random chaos in Sydney en route catching up with some Peru buddies I’ll be finally landing in the land of the long white cloud



And What’s The Plan?

I’m also super stoked to announce that I shall be working with 100% New Zealand during my stay there – this basically means they’ve given me a shiny media pass and access to a whole heap of amazing stuff so I can showcase New Zealand to you all and make the most of my time there!

100% new zealand tourismFirst up I’m landing in Christchurch where me and the parentals have sorted out a pimping campervan with the guys at Britz Campers for a couple weeks to explore the south island.

We haven’t got a fully planned itinerary at the moment but expect jumping out of planes, hiking on glaciers, kayaking gorgeous lakes and maybe a spot of snowboarding to be on the cards!

After parting ways when the parents head home via Singapore I shall be going solo up to the north island.

But not for long as I’m joining the chaos of the Kiwi Experience bus to cover the north island! I’ve never experienced a backpacker bus service before but after meeting alot of people on the Oz Experience in Australia and selling both products when working at STA Travel I’m pretty excited about it!

Again my plans aren’t set for the north island yet but the left hand surf mecca of Raglan is top priority! I’ll just see where the wind takes me and cram in as much as I can in my remaining 2 weeks…


And After?

After just under 4 weeks in New Zealand I’ll be jumping on another flight (I know it’s only a short stay but I’l be finally heading back there for a working holiday visa at some point in the future!) back to the place where all my backpacking adventures started in 2009…Australia!

Yup I’m heading back to the place I spent my first year on the road and rest assured there’s heaps of carnage on the cards as I catch up with a whole possie of backpacking friends I’ve met over the last few years.

…but I’ll save those details for later!


Roll on New Zealand!


Have you been to NZ? Anything I should put on my to do list or any tips about traveling around the place?

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