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The Dave Diaries; Maggies To Do List

There’s heaps to do down in the depth of the West, in and around Margaret River – but if you’re looking for a few choice activities then here’s my pick!

Margs is an internationally renowned wine region – so it would be rude not to go enjoy a tipple or two! Wander around the many vineyards that cover the surrounding landscape, educate yourself on the age old art of wine making; before you know it you’ll be a connoisseur of chardonnays and a socialite of sauvignon blanc – and lets face it, swilling around a few tasters is a welcome change to boxed goon!

jIf perusing the countryside floats your boat then the caves and walking trails will be a perfect way to spend some time.

Formed millions of years ago the 3 main cave systems all offer something different – and at only $20 a pop these natural wonders are well worth the time. Tracks in the region offer something for everyone – from a light stroll to a more intense way to escape the hustle and bustle of the backpacker scene. Local information centres can fill you in on the best routes to forfill your needs – the area is known as the Amazon of the southern hemisphere so your bound to stumble across a huge variety of exotic plants and wildlife. In fact it’s one of only 34 biodiversity hotspots in the world – a must for all you tree huggers or budding photographers!

The main attraction though is the surf and the beaches.

Bordered by 138kms of sparkling coastline you can witness everything from calm crystal waters to some of the worlds heaviest waves.

Maggies is known as the surfing capital of WA and it certainly lives up to its name – whether you want to take a lesson or simply perve over the locals ripping it up! A highlight on the surf calendar is the MR Pro – a world class even that attracts pros from all over the globe.

After an in depth chat with a few locals over more than a couple of beers I was filled in on a few good spots; MR itself is an advanced surfers only spot but just 20 mins away “Huzzas” in Grace Town is a sick spot for beginners.

The River Mouth also attracts beginners to intermediates – with “The Point” regularly seeing 4-8 foot breakers.

With over 75 breaks to choose from you’re spoilt for choice though – but if you’re scouting around beware of hidden dangers such as rips and underwater objects! But with a bit of info and common sense you can safely surf some of the most turquoise waters I’ve ever laid eyes on.

As for the locals favorite break – well that was never to be divulged, “secret spots” are named that for a reason!