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The Coaley Household

So after a few days partying in St Kilda with Hubsy and Linzifer (who are now in the middle of nowhere picking grapes in 38degree heat for the next 5months!) and a couple extra nights abusing free parking spaces in residential areas we headed over to see the Coaleys, who I haven’t seen since they immigrated in 2006.

There was muchos stress due to my lack of Sat Nav in the van…although Barry the iPhone bailed us out yet again…and as we rolled into the outter suburb of Cairnlea there was much anticipation in the van!

Rolling through the streets the houses were getting bigger….and we were pretty stoked when we pulled up outside – seems the exchange rate did them good :P

We were greeted by and ice cold beer and a pimpingly good BBQ courtesy of Dave :)

The next couple of days were spent relaxing in the pool, stressing over trips to Bunnings, eating epic BBQ dinners and fry ups, sleeping in a proper double bed, actually showering on a regular basis and pimping out Leslie the van!

Dave did an awesome job of boshing out my fold out kitchen idea on the van, and the girls got cracking on some trippy as curtains for the back….it’s all slowly coming together.

And now we have a working cooker too….after muchos stress….but its done and set for some proper road tripping….

Lets see if it holds out :P

Was great to see the Coaleys again, banter about Devon, tales of the original £10 Poms (Dave was one and still has the certificate showing he went to school on the boat over here….which took 6 weeks!), ups and downs on Aussies life and why they’ll never return to the UK!

….i don’t blame them….i love Oz and they have it pretty sorted out here.

Seeing their eldest Erica this week for some party carnage in the city and more catching up.

Big thanks for their hospitality and feeding us like kings!hahaha!