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My Travel Bucket List

skydive bucket list australia travel backpackerOver the last few weeks I’ve been cracking on with planning my next RTW trip. I’ve also spent some serious time having a gander through other travel bloggers sites for inspiration on where to go and what to do.

What I’ve suddenly noticed is that I’m missing one key thing in my planning – I haven’t written my ultimate travel dreams down. I haven’t created the bucket list.


My Travel Bucket List

So here it is – my own personal bucket list, some of which I’ve done (including some links to posts about them), some of which I havent’t – but all of which have driven my travels…

1. SkydiveDONE; At Mission Beach in Australia,(I’ve also now skydived in Queenstown, New Zealand and Byron Bay, Australia too!)

2. Learn to SCUBADONE; On the Great Barrier Reef, Cairns

3. Live in a campervan – DONE; Both hired on the West Coast of Oz and in my own on the East Coast

4. Photograph Teauphoo in Tahiti

5. Teach surfing as a job – DONE; landed my dream job surf coaching in Ecuador

6. Full moon party on Koh PhanghanDONE; Twice now actually and Haad Rin was epic both times!

7. Elephant trekking I’ve now taken this off my list as I’m not sure I agree with it anymore, I did however get up close with these amazing creature at the Wildlife Alliance in Cambodia!

8. Glacier Hiking in NZ – DONE; I heli hiked on Franz Josef Glacier

9. Hot Air balloon ride at sunsetDONE; In Sri Lanka (although this was sunrise!)

10. Hike the Inca trailDONE; I hiked it with G Adventures in April 2012

The View We All Came For
Machu Pichu – Well Worth The Hike!

11. Surf in Australia – DONE; All over, but mainly in the warm water of Byron Bay

12. Mile high club

13. Snorkel with a whale sharkDONE; Although it was SCUBA diving instead on Koh Tao, and i did it AGAIN when I snorkelled with whale sharks in the Philippines!

14. Cage diving with sharks – DONE; I did it in Cape Town, South Africa

15. Surf/swim with dolphins – DONE; Surfed with them heaps in Byron and swam with them in Kaikoura, New Zealand

16. Drive Route 66

17. Drink mint tea in Morocco – DONE; numerous times in Tamraght – love the stuff!

18. Relax in a hammock with a coconut cup – DONE; the joys of Montanita in Ecuador

19. Visit Hawaii

20. Watch the Haka – DONE; saw it at the Skyline Gondola in Queenstown

21. Feed a Kangaroo – DONE; in Perth, Australia (and a wild one at that!)

22. Have Xmas on the beach – DONE; at the infamous Bondi Beach

23. Spend New Year in Sydney watching the fireworks – DONE; an awesome day and night out!

24. Surf in every major ocean – I’m getting there, 5 out of 7!

25. Campervan west coast of Europe from Devon to Morocco

26. Explore Indo – DONE; I’ve spent a lot of time in Indonesia over the last few years!

27. Island hop in Fiji – DONE; I was stoked to hit up Fiji finally…it’s beautiful!

28. Couch surf at the houses of my travel buddies

29. Experience and earthquake – DONE; I experience a 5.7 in Taiwan!

30. Do a full RTW trip

31. Immigrate somewhere warm!DONE; I’m now out in Australia on a 457 sponsorship!

32. Visit at least 2 of the 7 wonders of the world

33. Gamble in Vegas

34. Do something incredibly spontaneous and that I’ll probably regret! – DONE; My RTW2012 trip was an incredibly spontaneous change of travel plans, but I don’t regret it at all…yet!

35. Travel with my 2 best mates Kyle and Jimmy

36. Go tubing in LaosDONE; Tubing is an epic way to get drunk!


37. Get a tailored suit in ThailandDONE; Although I got my suit tailored in Vietnam!

38. Drink tequila in Mexico

39. Gather enough passport stamps to warrant a new oneDONE; I finally ticked this off in 2016 after just a few years on my new passport!

40. Do a border runDONE; I did one in Thailand over to Cambodia and nearly got scammed! I’ve done heaps since too!

41. Have an epic holiday that doesn’t involve surfing! DONE; My trip to Thailand in late 2011 was amazing and no surfing in sight!

42. Travel alone, with mates and with the girlDONE; All on my Oz trip!

43. See somewhere on an organised group trip – DONE; My Sri Lanka Trip was epic!

44. Visit Noosa – DONE – even got to shoot the Noosa Longboard Pro

45. Own a VW T4 and convert it

46. Visit the floating markets in Vietnam – DONE!

47. Eat some really crazy traditional cuisineDONE; I’ve eaten some really odd things lately, although this is definitely and ongoing challenge!

48. Surf some remote spots on a surf charter boat – DONE; I was lucky enough to jump on a Bali surf charter in Indo

Sunny Waves Somewhere in Indo...
Sunny Waves Somewhere in Indo…

49. Make enough money from blogging to fund my travels – DONE; I’m stoked to have been living off my blog for the last few years, amongst some other projects too!

50. Get a picture of me being barrelled

51. White water raft the Grand Canyon

52. Party at the Rio Carnival

53. Chill with some penguins in Antarctica

54. Visit the gorgeous beaches of Phi Phi Island – DONE; And I have the pictures to prove it!

55. Learn to ski or snowboard

56. Go on Safari in Africa – DONE; exploring Kruger National Park was incredible!

57. Soak up the scenery of Halong Bay in Vietnam – DONE; Although it actually wasn’t as good as I was expecting!

58. Get a bamboo tattoo in Thailand – DONE; Got a Sak Yant Tattoo in Phi Phi

59. Complete everything on my bucket list – Surely this is the ultimate bucket list item?!

60) Sail in the Galapagos Islands – DONE, and here are some of my top shots!

61) Ski in the Alps – I’ve snowboarded now, skiing is in the pipeline!

snowboarding in flims laax switzerland
Snowboarding in the Alps

62) Gorge on Swiss chocolateDONE, uggggh I felt sick!

63) Find an island paradiseDONE, Koh Rong in Cambodia was AMAZING!

64) Book a spontaneous trip – DONE, I randomly decided to head to Switzerland!

65) Travel properly with my brother – DONE; We spent a few months in Asia and then also travelled Australia and New Zealand together too!

66) Surf in Raglan, New Zealand – DONE; And I totally fell in love with Raglan

67) Inspire one of my buddies to book a RTW trip – nearly done, she’s planning it now!

68) Travel only on hand luggage for half a year

69) Get in a travel blog press trip –  DONE; I’ve done a couple now and they’re heaps of fun!

70) Island hop in Fiji DONE; I had a great time drinking kava and swinging in hammock!

71) Surf in Vietnam

72) Learn a new languagenearly done – I failed at Spanish but I’m now trying German!

73) Become a dive master (despite bailing out this year I still want to complete it!)

74) Go paraglidingDONE; Ticked it off paragliding whilst in Interlaken, Switzerland

75) Make a mini surf movie – DONE; check out my Byron Bay surf edit here!

 76) Take a trip in a helicopter – DONE; I kind of cheated and tied it in with my glacier hike!

franz josef glacier heli hike nz
Heli Hiking in NZ

77) Force myself to bungee jump (despite being terrified of heights!) DONE; The crew at AJ Hackett in Cairns got me drunk and made me do it!haha!

78) Experience a hop on, hop off bus –  DONE; I bounced around New Zealand with Kiwi Experience

79) Dive the Liberty Wreck in Bali – DONE; it was totally worth it!

80) Road trip the Cali coast

81) Learn to snowboard properly – I did some lessons in Switzerland, but I still have a way to go!

82) Camp in the outback

83) Visit Bocaray Beach, Philipines (I’ve been inspired by Breakaway Backpacker and Never Ending Footsteps and their amazing pictures!)

84) Sell all my stuff and go completely nomadic!

85) Do 12 countries in 12 months

86) White water raft the Grand Canyon

87) Explore Hawaii

88) Visit the Pyramids in Egypt

89) Eat steak and drink wine in Argentina

90) Chill out in Costa Rica

91) Eat a Queenstown FergburgerDONE; It was freaking epic!

92) Gorilla trekking

93) Get that postcard perfect shot of Whitehaven Beach, Australia – arrrggghhhh 2 attempts have resulted in cloudy days!

94) Go for a Dubai desert Safari

95) Learn to free diveDONE; I learnt to freedive on Koh Tao and then did my Level 2 on Gili T

96) Head to New Zealand for a working holiday visa

97) Visit Iceland – DONE; Iceland is a beautiful place to explore!

98) Sunrise over Angkor Wat Temples – DONE; It was one of my highlights in Cambodia

99) Chill with the Dragons in Komodo National Park – DONE; my trip there was beyond incredible!

100) Surf In The Mentawai Islands – DONE; it was seriously the best surf trip I’ve ever done in one of the most tropical places I’ve ever visited!



…as you can see I’ve still got alot to keep me busy! I’ll keep updating the list as I stumble upon some awesome things to do – and feel free to suggest things I may want to add!

As I do a lot of diving and surfing I’ve also put together some separate bucket lists to cover them too!





I also highly recommend making one yourself – nothings more motivating than to seeing everything you want to do on paper…expect maybe crossing them off!

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