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The Aquarius Industry Party…

So last night over 100 bus touts, receptionists, pancake makers and all other manner of staff from Byrons hostels descended on Aquarius bar for an industry party.

At 8pm pretty much everyone who knows anyone was dressed as a hippies and partying hard.

Free BBQ was order of the day, but the real draw was the fact the lovely bar manager hooked us up with 2 free kegs…thats over 350 schooners worth of free booze! Hell yeah!

On top of that as staff of Aqaurius me and my fellow bus tout Ryan were hooked up with free Goon-a-colada all night – this killer concotion contains heaps of goon, fruit juice and some whiskey thrown in for good measure – happy days!

Needless to say the night got messy!

Once the free booze ran dry (it actually lasted surprisingly long!) the dance floor was packed out with intoxicated staff. Then we all funneled down the road to Cocomangas bar…where the carnage continued to unfold in true Byron backpacker style.

All the touts hit up their new free bar tabs – the gin was flowing at my end, the white russians coming strong at the other. Limbs were flailing, peace signs being brandished and we pretty much took over the club – much to bemusement of everyone else, and the bouncers!

At some point during the night I was given the heads up by a fellow tout that there was some epic busking going on outside…non other than Wolfmother!

The impromptu session was met by a small crowd with lots of support. Needless to say it was pretty epic!

After that most peoples nights turned into a blur, recollected only by a few sober tales and the odd picture on a camera.

Apparently me and Tom stumbled to Cheeky Monkeys – got on the JD and then somehow made it back to the hostel!

Everyone felt pretty worse for wear the next morning – only 3 touts made the morning bus runs, and a couple of us even ended up walking it…! It was a party of epic proportions – and Aquarius has now firmly established itself on a Byron night out.

Roll on the next night out…well maybe I’ll give the booze a miss for a couple!!!!!


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