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Attempting to Pack Light – The 25 Litre Backpack Challenge

Attempting to Pack Light – The 25 Litre Backpack Challenge

As I’m sure you’re aware I’m heading off to Thailand next month (well in just over week!), so once again kit lists have entered my frame of thought. What do I take, what do I leave, how shall I lug the eventual supplies around?!

Well I’ve come to a few conclusions.

First off I want to travel light – I’m only going for 3weeks, I need no major pieces of kit with me (read surfboards, wetsuits etc!) and the weather should be pretty consistent.

Secondly travelling light means I don’t need to take my epic Dakine luggage that I’ve invested in for my next RTW trip – so what bag do I take?

The product of these conclusions is a personal challenge to myself – “The 25litre challenge”

Routed in Past Lessons

It came about when searching for a new camera bag. I was fed up of carrying around a bulky camera bag and needed to slim it down. I also wanted a camera bag that didn’t look like a camera bag. Lugging around heavy camera kit in an obvious camera bag with tripods and what not dangling from it is like a homing device for trouble!

Then I came across the Dakine Photo Mission packs (which I shall be reviewing post Thailand), a 25litre day sack with a removable camera block for your photo kit.

I’m so impressed with the potential of this bag that I’ve made the slightly crazy decision to make it my only bag for this trip!

Bare Essentials

That’s right I shall endevour to slim my entire travel kit including camera equipment to fit in a 25litre bag! This is a pretty steep order considering I took a 70+20 litre bag and 15kg of camera kit to Oz!

But let’s face it, 3weeks isnt long, I’m a boy and I’m pretty used to not really needing much to mosey along with life. So the plan of attack is pretty simple;

2 pairs of boardies

3 tshirts

1 shirt

1 pair of normal shorts

1 pair trainers

1 light hoodie

1 pair of flip flops

3 pairs of boxers (I dont wear them with boardies anyhow!)

1 pair of socks

…and that’s the clothing done!

80% of the bag will be camera kit and my iPad;

Canon 40d body

Fuji XP30

10-22mm lens

18-55mm lens

580 speedlight flash

iPad, iPhone and chargers

Batteries, chargers, CF cards etc

…and a travel adaptor of course!

So what do you reckon? Minimalistic genius or just plain irresponsible?!

Either way it could prove to be an interesting undertaking and will hopefully leave me better prepared and wiser for my next big trip next year!

What do you guys travel with backpack and kit list wise – the bare essentials or everything including the kitchen sink?!

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