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How To Claim Your Australia Tax Back With Pink Cow (Inc Discount Code!)

Did you know you can claim back heaps of tax money if you’ve worked in Australia on a working holiday visa? I used Pink Cow Tax Back and it was heaps easy!

My working holiday visa in Australia was easily one of the best travel decisions I’ve ever made and ultimately it set me off on the incredible journey I’m still on 4 years later!

I’m actually back in Australia again at the moment, doing some work for a travel company out here – as part of this I’ve had to hand over heaps of my pay cheque to the Aussie government, which is all well and good – I’m happy to give back to a country that has given me so much – but due to the fact I haven’t got anywhere near my tax threshold I knew I was eligible to claim back some of my tax come the end of the Australian tax year on June 30th.

In fact most backpackers can claim back thousand of dollars in overpaid taxes so although it might seem boring it’s well worth doing to help boost your funds for the next adventure!

Here’s how I did mine…


How To Claim Your Australia Tax Back With Pink Cow

Tax Refunds – Dont Freak Out!

Taxes, money, claiming – all seems a bit daunting and complicated hey? 

pink cow tax back service australia working holiday visa
All Online And Easy As!

Well there’s no need to freak out, there are plenty of companies out there who provide services dedicated to claiming back taxes and super annuation (the Aussie version of a private pension fund) for backpackers and traveller who have inevitably overpaid.

But with so much choice it can be a nightmare figuring out the easiest and cheapest way to get back some of your hard earned cash!

Some companies charge a % of what you get back, some a fixed fee so there’s a lot of decisions to be made!

Lucky for me though my little bro did some graphic design work for a tax back company called Pink Cow Tax Back and given how nice he said the guys were I thought I’d check them out, it’s run by two accountants who used to be travellers themselves – so they know how much we all stress about money and how every little helps fund the dream!


Paperless Tax Refund – Claim From Anywhere In The World!

One of the best things about the Pink Cow Tax Back site is exactly that – they’ve designed a totally paperless system that’s all done online. No annoying and confusing forms like other companies!

This also has the added benefit of being able to claim from anywhere in the world – so even if you left Australia before June 30th and are now sunning yourself on a beach in Thailand, on another working holiday visa over in New Zealand or back at home as long as you have access to the internet you can claim back your tax via the Pink Cow Tax Back site!

And anything that makes life easier is always a good thing hey – especially when it adds to your travel funds!


Australia Tax Back Made Incredibly Easy!

Surely getting back heaps of dollar cant be an easy thing though right?

Well here’s what you’ll need to hand to get started;

  • Passport
  • Your bank details (Aussie or worldwide)
  • PAYG form from your Aussie employer
  • The contact address of your employer

With all that to hand you only have to deal with 2 easy steps on the Pink Cow Tax Back website, agree to their terms and conditions via the electronic signature option (one of the major feature of the paperless format they have) and boom you’re done and dusted!

In fact the whole thing took me less than 10 minutes!

There’s no excuse not to do it really!hahaha!


So How Much Australia Tax Did I Get Back!?

Given the fact I’ve only been working in Australia for around 2 months I was nowhere close to the tax limits – which was pretty awesome news for me.

pink cow tax back service australia working holiday visa
Less Than 10 Mins And I Was Done!

In the last few months I’ve paid just over $1,300AUD in taxes (I had no clue I’d paid that much before looking at the paperwork!) and within just over a week of submitting my tax return via the Pink Cow site I had a tasty deposit of nearly $1,300AUD (just over £600) sat in my account!

Stoked as!

You don’t have to wait until June 30th to claim either, if you’ve left the country or already finished your working holiday visa you can submit your claim at any point throughout the year. For those on their second year visa or still working during their first one June 30th is the time to get going with your claim!

Processing time it takes around 2 weeks max if you’re doing it at the end of the financial year but keep in mind if you leave mid year and file it it’ll take a bit longer at around 8 weeks…so be patient!


And How Much Does It All Cost?

The whole process of claiming your tax back with Pink Cow will only set you back 8% of your total refund – with a min fee of $89AUD and a max of $250AUD. And if you aren’t eligible for a refund you don’t pay anything.

If you want to claim back your Super it’s a set fee of $149AUD which is still heaps good value.

What’s even better is you dont actually have to stump up any cash during the claiming process either, they just take it out of your refund – unlike some other companies that require you to pay fees upfront before they’ll even deal with it.

So what’s the special offer?

Since I like helping you guys out heaps I’ve spoken to the guys at Pink Cow Tax Back and they’ve agreed to give you $10AUD off – all you have to do is use the following link and it’l be automatically done!

So that’s $10AUD off your tax back application AND heaps of dollar too…YAAAAAAY!




Don’t say I don’t look out for you all!

The bottom line is that Pink Cow Tax Back made the whole thing super easy, it’s totally paperless (yay for saving the environment!) and best of all it’s quick – meaning less time waiting and more time enjoying some extra dollar!

So if you’re out in Australia working at the moment or heading that way soon make sure you head over to Pink Cow and go claim back your taxes and super – what do you really have to loose?!



pink cow tax back service australia working holiday visa


**PLEASE NOTE; Pink Cow did my tax back for free so I could test out the service – but rest assured all opinions are honest and my own, I’d never recommend a service I wouldn’t personally use!**


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