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tinggly experience voucher sydney tall ship sailing review (6 of 6)

Tall Ship Sailing Sydney Harbour At Sunset With Tinggly Experiences

Sydney Harbour with its views of the Opera House and Bridget is a must on your Australia bucket list – but how about sailing at sunset for the ultimate Aussie evening with Tinggly!?

If you’re heading to Australia there are a few must do experiences that should make it onto onto your Australia bucket list – Uluru, diving the Great Barrier Reef, learning to surf and road tripping the Great Ocean Road being just a few.

But there’s one part of Australia that is an every backpackers list – Sydney Harbour.


Icons Of Australia

tinggly experience voucher sydney tall ship sailing review (6 of 6)
Getting Ready To Set Sail

Sydney and Sydney Harbour are home to some of the most iconic parts of Australia, the ones that are brandished across the travel brochures and postcards – they’re the spots that get you stoked for an Aussie adventure and that you’re probably desperate to get a selfie in front of!

I’m talking about the likes of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and The Sydney Opera House.

Sure you can simply stroll down to the harbour and wander around, enjoy a cold beer at the bar in front of the Opera House or even climb over the bridge.

But if you’re looking for a more unique way to check out some of Australia most famous landmarks you need to get onto the water. 

…and combining this with an epic Aussie sunset and sailing on a tall ship will make it truly unforgettable – which is exactly what I did when I teamed up with Tinggly  to check out their Sydney Tall Ship sailing trip!

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Sunset On The Water

tinggly experience voucher sydney tall ship sailing review (6 of 6)
Sunset Under The Harbour Bridge

For this trip I had my parents and little brother in tow – and my parents trip was part of their xmas present that I’d bought for them once they’d booked their Australia flights.

There are plenty of Aussie experiences that they could redeem their Tinggly Voucher on but this was the one that took their fancy the most.

I’d also timed it so this was their first night in Sydney too and they still hadn’t seen the Opera House or Harbour…so they were pretty stoked to tick it off their bucket list!

We boarded the restored wooden Tall Ship opposite the Opera House just as the sun began to set – the orange glow glistening off the calm waters and creating the perfect lighting for some amazing pictures of a truly Australian scene.

We headed up the natural harbour towards the suburbs – allowing us to look back towards the cityscape, the famous sails of the Opera House tucked nicely under the metal frame of the Bridge – it was postcard perfect and most of the beginning of the trip was spent snapping photos whilst occasionally listening to the commentary of the crew!

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Under Sail

tinggly experience voucher sydney tall ship sailing review (6 of 6)
Sailing Past The Opera House

With the sunset nearly drawing to a close and a blanket of stars beginning to light up the night sky we turned down wind towards the city and helped the crew raise the sails over the magnificent wooden ship.

As the engines were switched off and the sails billowed in the evening breeze and the calm causing speed was perfect for a cold beer and to brush up on some Aussie history as the crew and guides explained the beginnings of the land down under.

With the wind at our backs we drifted back under the Bridge and alongside the Opera House – which was now lit up for the evening, and the vantage point from the water made for yet more awesome holiday snaps!

The included buffet dinner was served up – which included a whole host of dishes (with an ample selection for veggies like myself!) and everyone kicked back on the deck enjoying the peaceful starts cape that was laid out above us.

After a couple of hours on the water it was time to motor back to the Harbour and disembark after the perfect end to my parents first day in Sydney – with plenty of time to detour to some of Sydneys Harbour side bars for a cheeky evening cocktail by the water!


Is It Worth It?

tinggly experience voucher sydney tall ship sailing review (6 of 6)
A Unique View On The Opera House

Ok so exploring Sydney Harbour on a tallship isn’t the cheapest way to check out the Opera House and Harbour Bridge but it was heaps of fun and was a totally unique way to explore the Harbour.

I’ve been to Sydney numerous times over the last few years and it was one of the most memorable things I’ve done in the city.

With Tinggly the whole thing will set you back £79 as part of their worldwide voucher  – and it’s redeemable for 2 people. You can also upgrade to the free bar option once you arrive and bolt on a climbing session to the crows nest.

Personally I didn’t worry about these two and still really enjoyed it!


If you’re looking to capture some epic photos of the cities landmarks or go on a romantic evening it’s perfect – as was going as a family like I did when my parents joined me and my little bro in Australia for a bit. Check out the full info page for more details.


tinggly experience voucher gift


**PLEASE NOTE – I received a complimentary trip courtesy of the guys from Tinggly, but rest assured all opinions are honest and my own**

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