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Sydney Bridge

Sydney Bridge

After a couple days of unproductivity I decided to hit the tourist trail yet again.

The iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge was the target.

As usual though pubs and beer gardens in the sun prove a rather good distraction on route. Ice cold beers were consumed on a lovely roof top terrace overlooking the Harbour :)

Now most people think of the Harbour Bridge and think of the Bridge climb.

If I had $200 to spare that may seem attractive.

However I dont!

So we rustled up a group (Kez, Sasha, Marsha, Sara and Marie) and opted for the cheaper Tower Climb. It’s less glamourous but one hell of a saving at only $10!

Well worth it though as the view are pretty fantastic and there’s a lot of stuff to learn if your you want to suck up the history of the bridge.

My faves facts of the day:

The Sydney Bridge is modelled on the Tynne Bridge.

The Towers aren’t just aesthetic, they also anchor the bridge in high winds

Due to fact its constructed of steel in hot weather the Bridge can ‘grow’ by up to 180mm

The towers actually had a cattery in it at one point!

After an hour or so taking pic me Sara and Marie opted to hit the beach.

This proves a bit more difficult when you have a crap sense of direction! By the time we found the bus stop to Bondi (and meeting Jonny and Rob – who had just landed in Sidders) we couldnt really be bothered, so instead sunbathing in the lovely Hyde Park was had.

Needless to say a night on the goon followed…happy days


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