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So after over 24 hours of no sleep (no idea why i just couldnt get any shut eye!) i landed in Sydney at 1pm.

After lugging all my cases (which i’m now pretty dam good at packing!) through arrivals – via the free wine tasting booth –  the campervan group finally parted. Rob had already left us at Darwin airport to fly to Perth for xmas with his family, Jonny and Kty made their way to Jonnys mates house, me, Sarah and Becky flagged at taxi and made our way to our home for the festive period – Wakeup Hostel. I was pretty stoked to get back into the hostel backpacking vibe (I’ve missed the party scene and meeting randoms) and we were greeted with a giant hug by Linzi who’d been in Sidders for a few days already and also the lovely Kerri (who we’d met on ….see the previous post ‘GY Crew’).

After roping Kezza into helping me with my bags I headed up to the 7th floor to meet my new room mates. Muchos banter was had and goon was aquired. What better way to get settled in than over a glass of Aussie’s finest cask wine – Fruity Gordo!hahahaha!

Wakeup hostel chucked me right back into the party vibe….$25 got me a ticket on the harbour cruise with the intention of mingling all the guests. I was sold at the mention of a free BBQ and beer in the bar beforehand!!!! 4pm and already half cut and reunited with my beloved Cairns Crew we wandered through the city to the harbour.

We headed straight to the on board bar and started to mingle and general have a good time :) taking in the sights it dawned on me that I was actually in Sydney….one of the main points of my trip and somewhere that has always fascinated me. It was surreal to actually be cruising past the infamous harbour bridge and the opera house. Photos were snapped away, santa hats were worn and carnage insued….

….cue the dance floor

….cue rather provocative dance floor antics

….cue dance off for free sunburnt xmas tickets

Me and Susie ploughed through the dance off….and lost minimal clothing in the process (one girl ended up ‘forfeiting’ all bar her tiny french knickers to try and get through to the final…..and still walked away with nothing! mwahahaha!). Down to the final 3 couples and with 2 sets of tickets to be one me and Susie pulled out all the stops and we won! (i wont mention actually how we won because my mother reads this!)

Needless to say we were uber stoked to have saved ourselves $70 each and we celebrated in style with an equally stoked Cairns Crew! :)

More dancing was had and muchos alcohol was consumed whilst watching the sunset behind the towering skyline of Australias most famous city.

Docking at around 9pm we all headed straight for the ‘Sidebar’ ….the bar underneath Wakeup which I already know will feature heavily in my festive antics :P

…..although there was a slight hitch.

Sydney is tough on drinking and the bouncers are very unreasonable and very heavy handed. Despite my intoxicated state I could still handle myself….I wasnt being sick and I could definately stand up of my own accord. Even still the bouncer refused me entry to the club….something I wouldnt have minded but he was a complete c*ck about it all. In fact he refused alot of people entry. Not girls I hasten to add… just guys….and mainly guys with a more alternative look. Great.

But all was cool…..I was joined by Kezza, a room party was arranged and the drinking continued.

An epice first night….back with old friends, quickly making new ones and partying hard like always.

Roll on the festive treats :D

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