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MJ from the Manta tour had tipped us off about some free camping sites just outside of Exmouth, past the lighthouse.

Arriving just before dusk we drove up the hill to watch a spectacular sunset.

Heading down the road we couldn’t find a spot that wasn’t labelled “No Camping”.


We decided to stop over in a beach carpark to get some tea on the go. Beforehand we decided to all head down to the beach to chill for a bit.

Upon reaching the beach we were puzzled by the large group of people staring at a lump between them and the water.

It quickly dawned on us that this was a turtle! Then we remembered that we were travelling up the coast at turtle nesting season!


Unfortunately (after chatting to the group on the beach) we’d missed it and the turtle was heading back to the sea.

Me and Rob decided to have a wander up the beach, and I was slightly startled when I saw something dash into the bush. The we came across a single set of tracks leading up from the sea.

We followed them up to the bush and sure enough, in the middle of crater in the sand dune a 1.5m wide turtle was busy digging a nest!

We sat down and watched it dig and lay its eggs, a pretty magical sight :)

During the course of watching the turtle we also observed a few others emerging from the sea and up the beach. Two of which started digging pretty much next to where we were sat!

After an hour or so of playful banter, making up stories about our turtles (including the chav one who couldnt be bothered to dig a proper hole!) we headed back to the camper.

It does seem that some of the most amusing and exciting travel stories come about when you’re trying to find a free place to park your camper…who says being a pikey doesn’t have its advantages!hahaha!

After a quick bowl of 2 minute noodles we tried again to find a free camp spot, but to no success.

So we simply found a car park hidden from the main road and set up for the night!

A dam successful day of nature related stories….eat your heart out David Attenborough!

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