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Surprise – I’m Back In The UK!

Yup you read the title correctly – I’m back in the UK. The cold, rainy and slightly depressing UK after over 600 days on the road.

But why I here you ask?

I thought you were in Asia still?!

Indeed I’ve spun a rather elaborate web of deceit to surprise a few people on my return home…


flight home uk
The Most Nervous I’ve Been For a Flight!

Double Surprise

I’ve actually not simply just flown into the UK, nope I made this surprise even better! As you may have known I’ve been traveling with my girlfriend in Thailand and Cambodia for the last month.

I told her I’d booked a flight to Vietnam the day she was flying home so we could go to the airport together – when in actual fact I’d booked myself on the same return flight as her, I told her at the boarding gate just before we said goodbye and she predictably freaked out!

So I’ve spent the last week in Switzerland, desperately trying to keep my location under wraps from all but a few trusted people so I could fly back to the UK and surprise my family and friends – most of whom I haven’t seen in over 18 months!

I managed to get pretty much all my family (Mum, Dad, Aunty, Grandma and Grandad) in one go too  which was amazing! The fact I had no idea they’d all be there together meant it was a surprise for me too!

As expected my mother freaked out and was super confused  – her first question was “when are you leaving again”, it’s reassuring to know she never expects me to be back in the UK for long! It was great to see everyones faces again and I’m stoked to catch up with them all a bit more over the next few weeks.



backpackign returning home family travel
My Parents – Confused But Happy!

But my return to the UK was a bit of a coming together of a few reasons to head back to Europe – I always knew it would be a tough decision dragging myself away from life on the road and I’d need a few solid reasons to do so!

On top of it fitting in nicely with my girlfriends flight home next week is also the European leg of TBEX – a travel blogging conference which this year is being held in Ireland.

I’ve been wanting to progress the blog a bit more, meet some new bloggers and network with some awesome travel companies so it all fitted together nicely – which means a week in Dublin is in order, mixing with some talented bloggers, learning some new stuff and it’ll all hopefully make the blog bigger and better than ever!

And if one travel event wasn’t enough I’ve also decided to prolong my UK trip slightly longer than I wanted to so I could hit up the World Travel Market and Travel Bloggers Unite in London at the beginning of November.

Again the aim of the game is to network and shamelessly whore myself out!


My Secret Project

Over the last few months I’ve also been working on a new project which I’m heaps excited about. The only problem with being in Asia is I’ve constantly been distracted by partying, exploring, beaches, sun bathing…the list of distractions from trying to work is pretty long!

uk surfing devon
First Day Home – Had To Go Surfing!

On top of that it’s been a nightmare getting internet that is good enough for all the online work and uploading I have to do so being based back at my parents house gives me a desk, high speed internet and no distractions – which basically means I can really sink my teeth into it and get the bulk of the work done and dusted before I head off again.

And no I’m not telling you what it entails…but I’m sure you’ll like it when it finally gets off the ground!


The Next Adventure

But don’t worry I’m only off the road for a few weeks until the beginning of November when I’m once again trading rainy cities for sunny beaches as I head back to Asia again – Thailand to be specific.

I know I’ve spent a large period of time in Thailand over the last 2 years and I wasn’t planning on heading back that way for a while but I got offered a pretty sweet job deal for a month – I’ll be announcing more details soon enough but it’s basically going to involve some serious time in the water!

After that’s all wrapped up and I’ve suffered through 2 months of actual work (if you can call it that!) I’ve decided to head back to Indonesia for a bit. I won’t have surfed properly since July (unless I score some winter swell in Devon whilst I’m back) so I’ll be moody as hell and in need of some board short sessions back in Bali!

…I am a surf bum after all!

Whilst I’m back in the UK the blog will carry on as usual as I still have heaps of stories to share, so whack “like” on the Facebook page and check out my twitter feed so you don’t miss anything!


Right…time to have a cup of tea!


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