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surfing the maldives season paradise review budget backpacker sur cokes chickens surf camp

REVIEW: Surfing The Maldives At Season Paradise – Thulusdhoo (Cokes & Chickens)

Looking at surfing the Maldives on your next adventure? Here’s how I got on at Season Paradise on Thulusdhoo surfing the world famous Cokes surf spot!

Surfing the Maldives is one of those fantasies that every surfer has – clear, warm waters, palm trees and pumping surf. It’s one of those dream destinations like the Mentawais in Indonesia!

But it’s also one of those fantasies that I thought would be almost impossible to achieve as travelling the Maldives is often thought of as an exclusive club for the rich and newly wed!

If you’ve been following my Maldives posts you’ll already know that it is now possible to travel the Maldives on a budget, so of course I was going to score some epic waves whilst I was out there.

And after my budget surf trip to Jailbreaks on Himmafushi Island I decided to see what a mid range budget could get on a local island with surf…

So I headed back to Thulusdhoo to stay with the guys at Season Paradise Hotel…


REVIEW; Surfing The Maldives at Season Paradise – Thulusdhoo

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Thulusdhoo – One Of My Favourite Local Islands

Where Is Thulusdhoo?

Ok first off if you’ve never heard of Thulusdhoo before it’s one of the most famous surf islands in the Maldives – home of reeling right hander Cokes and with equally reeling left hander Chickens just across the channel.

This awesome local island is situated just a couple of hours speedboat or ferry ride North of Male international airport, so it’s pretty easy to get to and you wont loose too much time in extra travel after you flight.

Meaning less time on a boat, more time in the waves!

Click here for my full guide on Thulusdhoo, including detailed info on how to get there!


Thulusdhoo Surf Spots

Cokes – the highlight of any surfers trip to Thulusdhoo this reeling right hander throws up some epic barrel sections and is easily accessible by a paddle out from the beach. When the swell is pumping this isnt a spot for beginners so be careful, especially on lower tides when the reef is super shallow!

surfing the maldives season paradise review budget backpacker sur cokes chickens surf camp
Cokes Firing Off

Chickens – goofy footers rejoice – just across the channel from Cokes is a super fun left called Chickens. Much like Cokes there’s a fast barrel section but on smaller swells it’s amazing for long boarding and provides some awesome long rides.

If you want to check out some of the other breaks in the area the crew at Season Paradise can also arrange boat transfers to some of the other spots in the area too;

Jailbreaks – A right hand point/reef break off of Himmafushi Island you’ll score some fast and long rides here. Like most spots in the area when the swell is large it’s barrels galore!

Sultans – just across from Jails is Sultans which can be a bit more protected from the wind and most of the time less crowded too. Another fast, fun right hander.

Ninjas – famed as a more intermediate and longboard friendly wave this right is usually less crowded too as it’s a longer boat ride to reach. When Cokes and Chickens are maxing out there will be some more manageable waves here.


Season Paradise – Local Island In Comfort

surfing the maldives season paradise review budget backpacker sur cokes chickens surf camp
The Perfect Spot To Unwind!

Season Paradise certainly adds a huge touch of comfort to any Maldives local island stay and delivers everything you’d expect from a 4* hotel. From pier pickups (electronic too so kudos for the eco friendly side of things!) to clean, spacious rooms, in-house tour booking services and the option to upgrade to a sea view room – which I highly recommend you do!

Sure guesthouses on the local islands are great value and fun, but after a few weeks bouncing around, the quiet, comfort and touch of luxury were definitely appreciated.

When it came to food there was an awesome mix of local and international dishes on offer so in buffet style, so there’s plenty of options and plenty to eat – perfect after a tiring day of waves.

Our double room came with plenty of space for surfboards, balcony overlooking the beach (you could also peer round and see the waves at Chickens!), lush ensuite and solid A/C.

The hotel itself is situated right on the beach, with local shops and restaurants a short stroll away and the paddle out to Cokes surf break about 5-10mins walk along the sand…if you’re not jumping on a boat transfer of course!


Packed Full Of Facilities

If you want a Maldives accommodation with all the creature comforts and facilities, Season Paradise certainly delivers. With everything from and ocean view gym and full board meal option through to the rooftop infinity pool, in room wifi and room service – you’re certainly getting your moneys worth.

They also run. range of daily excursion too – including snorkel safaris, island hopping trips, scuba diving and even day trips to 5* resorts so you can check out full private island luxury without smashing your budget!

They also have a watersports centre where you can rent out sea kayaks, SUPs, snorkel kit, jet skis and even bikes to explore the island, so you’re never going to be short of things to do.


Surf and Stay Packages

surfing the maldives season paradise review budget backpacker sur cokes chickens surf camp
Beachfront and With An Epic Pool

Admittedly Season Paradise isn’t a surf camp, so dont expect those vibes, but due to it’s awesome location and affordable price tag you will no doubt meet a whole array of surfers also staying there and it’s certainly one of the nicest local island accommodations for surfing the Maldives.

And Season Paradise has certainly geared themselves up to accommodate surfers as a result – with a range of hire boards and on demand surf transfers out to both Cokes and Chickens.

…you can even check the waves from the rooftop pool area!

For those focused on surfing the Maldives their Thulusdhoo surf and stay packages come with everything you need to make the most of the waves and enjoy your time in this beautiful country – including speedboat transfers to/from the airport, breakfast and of course daily transfers out to the local breaks.

And to make things even simpler you can also upgrade to full board and have all your meals taken care of as well.

The 7 night package for 2 people will set you back £677 per person and although it’s not as cheap as the maldives budget surf camp I stayed at it’s hardly breaking the bank and you do get a lot more style and comfort for your money!

Click here for more info and to book your spot.


surfing the maldives season paradise review budget backpacker sur cokes chickens surf camp
Wish You Were Here?

Would I Recommend Season Paradise?

If you’re just looking to stay on Thulusdhoo, surfing the Maldives, or a local island but still want a bit more added comfort then I’d have no issue recommending Season Paradise for your stay. Their friendly, helpful staff combined with surf packages and in house facilities made for an amazing stay.

Sure there are definitely cheaper places to stay on Thulusdhoo but at Season Paradise you’re definitely getting what you pay for!


Surfing the Maldives something you’ve already ticked off?

Where did you stay – anywhere you’d recommend?

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