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Surfing in Morocco – My Top Shots From Anchor Point

Even though I’ve been based in Morocco for a couple of months now and that surfing is the centre point of my time here (being a surf instructor and all!) I’ve neglected both Morocco and the waves a bit when it comes to blogging. However over the last few days the surf here has been absolutely firing and when I’ve not been paddling out riding some myself I’ve been spending alot of time behind a big ass 500mm lens and my Canon 7D shooting all the action!

Tuesday though was a stand out day of perfection at Moroccos infamous Anchor Point and I was stoked that one of my shots from the sunset session was picked as MagicSeaweeds’ photo of the day – a very privileged honour for any surf photographer!

With that in mind I’ve decided not to banter on about the surf, but instead let you have a nosey through my top shots from that session – simply click on the image to enlarge and immerse yourself in some sunny, offshore tube riding perfection…maybe they’ll prompt you to book a flight out the snowy UK and come join me in the lineup!

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