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Supersaturated clothing

Teaming Up With Superstaurated – Plus Win Some Gear!

I’m partnered up with Supersaturated Clothing and to get things started we’ve got some awesome prize packs to giveaway!

supersaturated surf brand clothing logoOver the last few weeks you might have noticed that I’ve changed my wardrobe a bit (except maybe my flannel shirts…they aren’t going anywhere fast!) and that I’ve been promoting a clothing brand called Supersaturated.

Well that’s because I’m stoked to announce that they’re now the official clothing sponsor for Backpacker Banter and I’m now part of their brand ambassador team – the S10 Collective.

So I thought I’d introduce the brand, let you know what that means for the site and also give away some free gear – because free stuff is always good!haha!


South West Born and Bred

supersaturated clothing uk south west surf lifestyleSuperstaurated is basically an outdoor clothing brand with a big sway towards surf and extreme sports, so it’s the perfect match for my travel and beach bum lifestyle!

They’ve got some awesome designers and artists working with them too to create a solid range of t-shirts, hoodies, singlets (or vest tops if you’re not in Oz!) and even surf changing robes!

Not only that but they’re based out of the South West of England, Devon to be more exact, where I’m actually from and I’m always keen to support my fellow Devonians!

supersaturated clothing uk south west surf lifestyleSurf = check

Great team = check

Great ethos = check

Great location = check

They tick all the boxes for the type of companies and people I want to be working with, which hopefully means that they’re of interest to you guys too, plus all their gear goes pretty well with my BeShades too!


So What About You?!

supersaturated clothing uk south west surf lifestyleAnd of course there’s no point me working with any companies if it doesn’t benefit my readers too, because you’re the guys I’m blogging for and without you I’d be rambling on in a very quiet corner of the internet ;)

So whilst I’m teamed up with Supersaturated they’ll be supplying some awesome clothing prizes each month for some fun competitions you can get involved in.

The bottom line is that the site will be business as usual so you can enjoy all my blogging goodness, but with the added benefit of some cool prizes and of course the guys have been awesome enough to offer all you guys 20% off – you can find out the details further down the page.


Want To Win Some Gear?

So to kick things off I’ve got 4 Supersaturated prize packs to giveaway which include a hoodie/jumper, a t-shirt of your choice and some Supersaturated stickers too.

supersaturated clothing uk south west surf lifestyle

All you have to do is sign up to the Backpacker Banter monthly newsletter and follow the Supersaturated Instagram account (@supersaturatedUK)


But you’ve only got until May 20th to enter so get in their quick!


Also don’t forget even if you don’t win the epic guys at Supersaturated clothing are offering you all 20% off your shopping basket – just enter the code BPB20 at the checkout and boom! 

Yaaaaaay discounts!

So yeah go check out their site at www.supersaturated.co.uk, check out their gear and head over to follow them on Instagram (@supersaturatedUK) and their official Facebook page.

supersaturated surf brand clothing logo

  • Competition is open until midnight GMT May 20th
  • Winners will be randomly drawn on May 21st by Backpacker Banter
  • Judges decision is final
  • Winners will be announced on the Backpacker Banter Facebook page
  • T shirt and jumper styles subject to availability
  • No cash alternative will be offered

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