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Stay and Play in the USA

It needs no introduction, America is simply the pinnacle of our world, and if you are lucky enough to travel out here it is vital you get the right accommodation for your days away, fitting to your needs and lifestyle. Below we have devised a list of accommodation choices, each have been chosen to select your budget allocation and how much time you feel you need to relax.



Probably the most affordable and relaxed option, feel comfortable in your stay with the low-maintenance atmosphere, allowing you to feel at home. Meet new people, expand your backpacking knowledge by meeting fellow travellers. Be careful, I advise you use the HI-USA association when booking a hostel for your travels, this provides you with options across USA and allows you to compare reasonable rates on hostels you can trust.


Camper vans

Whether it be something your used to or a new experience, travelling in a camper van on your venture will guarantee you endless enjoyment. There is, quite literally, no end to how far you go. Waking up in a different place each morning allows you to challenge your curiosity, seek further in where you travel. Be sure to check your budget and plan your routes before you set off, freedom is a gift and this option is perfect for all, whether you are young and excited to see everything at once, or simply want to track back to the days of your youth, this is a unique opportunity and no better place to venture out into.



If you are a budget traveller and all you need is a place to sleep, then motels are the place best suited for you. The ability to pay a small fee wherever you are allows you to stretch your dollars to other activities. Forget the stereotypical view you see in action films – because that’s all they are, stereotypical. The smaller size allows you to have a more personalised service from staff members, so much of their attention is put into your stay. Smaller size complexes mean a quieter surrounding to relax after your long day. Check out some motels online before you travel, but most establishments have been modernised now to offer a better service, the perfect option for a traveller on a budget.


All Inclusive

Hotels have always been of some conflict when travelling, so be sure to check out the rules and regs before you sign up. However, choose the right one and your holiday will becomes stress free, no worries about budget when your around the hotel premises because food and drink are of no concern. This option isn’t for everyone, some don’t like the strict eating time allocations, or the activities that you sometimes feel forced into. The USA all inclusive option does however give you the little luxuries that help you recover after a long day of photographing,¬†knowing everything’s being taken care of.