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Well This Is Me!

I’m guessing if you’ve hit the “Start Here” tab on the menu you’re new here?!

Well first off – welcome to Backpacker Banter.

My name is Chris and this is my site!

I’m a mid twenties solo backpacker who has been on the road since 2009, surfing, photographing and generally enjoying life in the backpacker bubble!

This page is to help you get started on the site a showcase what kind of banter you’ll find across it – but if you’d like to know more about me and my story head on over to the About Me page and you can have fun stalking me!

Basically Backpacker Banter is a way of me sharing my travel experiences – whether it’s reviewing tours or accomodation, passing on the lessons I’ve learnt or simply sharing some stories on the road to inspire you to quit your day job and go explore yourself!


Here’s some of the main parts of the site though – simply click on the links or photos and go get lost in a mash of travel goodness!



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Some Of The Places I’ve Covered

If you’re looking for a specific destination this is the place to head straight to, it list all the places I’ve blogged about and clicking on the image will take you straight to all the posts on that part of the world.


Bucket List;

machu pichu travel bucket list tick

It’s A Big List But I’m Getting There!

I think everyone should have a bucket list – it’s a great way to keep track of what you’ve done in life and what goals you have. This is my personal travel bucket list which gives an insight into what I have in the pipeline for my adventures but also everything I’ve already done. And of course if you want to learn more you can simply click on the links and read the articles!


Travel Photo of the Week;

bali surf charter uluwatu

Capturing Life On The Road

I’m a photographer by trade so at the start of each week I showcase one of my favourite images from the road as a quick slice of travel inspiration – whether it’s beautiful sunset or a photo essay on a specific country hopefully it’ll brighten up your Monday morning.

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Monthly Summaries;

funding backpacker travel RTW trip

Helping You Budget Your Trip

When I first started travelling I had no idea how much I’d be spending, what I’d be doing and where I’d be going. My monthly summaries give a break down of each month of my travel – covering everything from my personal highlights through to the distances I covered and most importantly a break down of my budget – country by country and an average cost per day.

If you haven’t visited the blog in a few weeks it’s a great way to quickly catch up on what I’m doing and where I’m heading to next.



surfing taghazout morocco gopro

Sun, Sand and Surf

Surfing drives pretty much all of my travels so I never stray to far from the ocean and the waves. In fact I break up my travel alot by surf coaching to drum up some extra dollar and as a great excuse to sit on the beach all day! Needless to say the site has a good lashing of surf related posts scattered amongst it!

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swiss paragliding & adventure switzerland interlaken

Another Day In The Office!

As a traveler I know how hard it can be to part with your hard earned cash and decide where it’s best to spend it. That’s why I’ve started reviewing alot of experiences – from tours to accommodation.

Most importantly I’m reviewing them as a backpacker, for backpackers – honest and to the point.


Tips and Advice;

backpacker travel knowledge tips advice

Pondering The Lessons Learnt On The Road

Along with my reviews my long term travel has seen me learn quite a few lessons along the way – which I’m more than happy to pass on and share with those looking to head out and explore. Whether it’s how to plan your RTW trip, tips for saving or an amazing place to eat you’ll find them all here.

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General Banter;

rosetta stone learn german language

Rants, Stories and General Banter!

Occasionally I just want to ramble about life, share some personal travel chaos or simply have a moan about something – so this part of the site is a whole mash of stories and randomness!

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And if you like what you see on the site head on over to the Facebook Fanpage and hit “like” or follow me on twitter (@bckpackerbanter) and instagram (backpackerbanter).


Take it easy