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A winter season in Queenstown, New Zealand is a backpacker favourite if you’re looking for some powder…the only question is; ski or snowboard?!

snowboarding skiing snow season queenstown new zealand backpacker working holiday (1 of 5)
A Stunning Backdrop

A while back I put up a post on my social media showing the contrast between me and my brother on the road over the last few months.

I was sat sunning myself in Byron Bay, surfing heaps – whilst he had hit up Queenstown in New Zealand for a snow season, boarding on the slopes of Coronet Peak and I asked you to let me know which you preferred.

Surprisingly a lot of you went with the snow option!

So I spoke to my little bro and asked him to put your together a quick edit of a day on the slopes in Queenstown to give you more of an insight on what awaits you if you’re heading for a Kiwi winter season!

So hit play and enjoy!

He’s not a videographer by any stretch but it has certainly tempted me to go find some pow pow in New Zealand sometime in the next few years!


Ski or Snowboard?!

snowboarding skiing snow season queenstown new zealand backpacker working holiday (4 of 5)
Josh Hitting The Rails In Queenstown

But then it opens up another debate – will you be hitting the powder with skis or a snowboard?!

Personally I’m with my brother on this one – I’m snowboarding all the way!

A few years back I spent some time in the slopes of the Swiss Alps over xmas, bought myself a second hand snowboard off their version of eBay at the bargain price of 5 francs which included boots and bindings (yup seriously!) and hit the slopes of Flimms Laax.

As a surfer the feel of a snowboard is somewhat familiar so it’s the natural choice of any salt water baby hitting the slopes.

The carving, the tricks, it’s all a colder extension of the surfing style.

Admittedly it’s a totally different sport, but it’s as similar as I’ll get whilst freezing in the mountains!

I’ll go out on a limb here (and probably cause some controversy) and say that I just think boarding is a bit cooler. It more chilled and has a bit more style in my mind.

Don’t get me wrong I totally respect the skill of the ski camp…but noting beats the baggy, laid back vibe of the snowboarders – where long hair, piercings and tattoos are a far call from the slightly more prim and proper style of skiers!

…but each to their own!haha!


Different Sport, Same Rivalry

snowboarding skiing snow season queenstown new zealand backpacker working holiday (1 of 5)
Board or Skis, It’s All The Same Stoke!

I got the impression from my limited time on the slopes that the whole ski v snowboard rivalry was much the same as the oceans surfer v bodyboarder one.

Two groups of people, tearing up the same area, with the same stoke on the same location – but with a very divided community when it came to the weapon of choice!

It’s weird how such an odd rivalry can develop and how intense that rivalry can get.

In most circles it’s simply a tongue in cheek style, but in other places and circles it can get pretty heated.

At the end of the day though, whatever sport you choose you’ll find your place, your style and your stoke. If you’re starting out maybe give both a try and see which fits you personally – there are plenty of companies, such as Neilson, which can guide you through the early stages of both sports and help you decide which side you’ll be battling for!

Still…you wont find me on skis anytime soon!

And if you’re keen to turn your current passion into a way to travel the world there are heaps of locations where you can train to become a snowboard instructor or gain your ski instructor qualification too – so turn your stoke into some dollar!



Have you hit the slopes yet? Which camp are you in – ski or snowboard?!

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